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Cowboy in Colorado by Jasinda Wilder

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It should have been simple and straightforward—business, and nothing but business. A quick trip to Colorado to scout out a location for my newest real estate development acquisition. Fly in, drive to the location, talk the owners into selling, sign some papers, and go home.

A business trip like any other, something I’ve done hundreds of times without issue.

This time, however, I was waylaid. First by a runaway horse—and then by an angry, stormy pair of vivid blue eyes, a massive, mountainous set of brawny shoulders, a strong, powerful pair of hands, and a voice like thunder over the horizon.

Will is a man out of another era, a man of stillness and action in equal measure—a man in complete possession of himself and his world in a way I’ve never experienced. And suddenly, somehow, he comes to possess me, my mind, my heart, and and my body, in a way neither of us are ready for, and neither of us know how to resist.

What should have been a simple business deal quickly spirals out of control, becoming a struggle of life and death, a battle of hearts and passion…

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Cowboy in Colorado is the second book in the 50 States of Love Series, and is a total stand alone novel. Cowboy in Colorado follows the story of Brooklyn and Will. When we first meet up with Brooklyn, she is being groomed to take over her father’s company. Her father gives her a promotion and tells her that she needs to turn around their real estate devision. He wants something risky, something fresh, something no one has done before. When Brooklyn meets with her staff to come up with risky and bold ideas, a truly unique idea is born. And that is where Colorado comes into play. Brooklyn sets off to check out this old historical town and may soon find herself totally out of her league….Will is about as stubborn as they come. He doesn’t like change and has an arrogance about him that keeps everyone away. So, when city slicker Brooklyn comes into town, he can’t wait to make her return home; which is proving easier said than done. While Will could care less what Brooklyn has to say, he can’t deny the strange pull he has towards her. The stakes are high and the tension is explosive. If you want to know just how Brooklyn and Will’s story plays out, you need to pick up your copy of Cowboy in Colorado today!!

Cowboy in Colorado was a terrific read from beginning to end. I thought the story was a lot of fun and totally entertaining. The characters were a riot and I enjoyed the antics of Will’s crazy horses. Cowboy in Colorado totally rocks the enemies to lovers/ opposites attract vibe. From the moment Will & Brooklyn meet up, you can feel the tension just oozing off the two of them. It was totally electric. Will is used to always getting his way and Brooklyn is one to never step down from a challenge. They had such great push and pull. I just couldn’t get enough. I found myself just devouring their story because I just had to know how it would turn out….

Cowboy in Colorado gave me everything I was looking for and then some. I loved getting swept up in Will and Brooklyn’s story. Will and Brooklyn kept me on my toes and left me breathless in anticiaption. If you’re looking for a quick read that is sexy with just the right amount of angst, then look no forward. Pick up your copy of Cowboy in Colorado today. I hope you’ll fall in love with Will and Brooklyn just as I have.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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