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Review: My Only Reason (Men of Monroe #2) by Rachel Brookes

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Fall in love with my teenage crush – tick
Propose to him on a leap year – tick
Receive a sad look and a whispered ‘we can’t’ – tick, tick, tick.

Austin Hart was my first everything–crush, love, and heartbreak.

Seven years ago, he broke me to pieces and when my world imploded two years later, I stupidly fell back into his bed, seeking comfort only he could give. Accepting that we would never be together, I left Monroe and let him become a distant memory.

Five years later an opportunity I can’t refuse forces me to make the long trip back to Monroe.
And Monroe means seeing Austin again.

I’d be lying if I said the years haven’t been good to him. He’s undeniably sexy, smoldering, and he still makes my heart flutter regardless of how much I want to dislike him. My body may still react, but my mind will never forget.

Though I promised myself I’d never fall under his spell again, he has other plans— and the universe has even bigger ones.

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“Marnie was my one and only. My only reason. The only girl to get close enough to peel back my layers and find the real me. She knew all my secrets, fears and insecurities, and she accepted the best and worst of me while still offering every part of herself. And I’d fucked it up.”

“From the moment I met him, his eyes always told me the deepest parts of his soul. When he hurt or felt pain, happiness, and love, I knew. If he couldn’t express what he needed to say with words, I’d look into his eyes and see it all. I always loved it and craved the connection and pull, but tonight I was petrified of what his eyes would tell me.”

“She tasted like whiskey and second chances. She felt like new beginnings and chasing dreams.”

Man, oh man. Words can not even express how excited I was to see that My Only Reason was coming out. I have been waiting and waiting for a new book from author Rachel Brookes and I’ve got to tell you, Marnie and Austin’s story was sooooo worth the wait!

From the moment I picked up My Only Reason, I was totally sucked in. The prologue broke my heart and shattered it into a million pieces. I knew that Marnie and Austin’s story was going to put my emotions through the paces and I could not wait to see how everything would play out.

My Only Reason captured my heart instantly and had me begging for more. Marnie and Austin’s story was an epic one. Their love was intense and unforgettable. It’s the kind of love that no matter how much time passes, it’s just as strong as ever. But, things were not all sunshine and flowers for these two. Austin messed up and when I say messed up, I mean on an epic level. It will be five years before Austin is reunited with Marnie. And once he lays his eyes on her, all bets are off. He finally can make amends and fight for the love of his life.

The road to happily ever after is quite a bumpy ride for Marnie and Austin. Their love was intense, but the pain of the past was still very real. Marnie was afraid of letting Austin get close and didn’t know if she could trust him again. I really loved that she made Austin work for it. She made him prove himself over and over again. He had to give her a reason to put her faith in him again, show her that he was in it for the long haul, that he was sorry for the past and she still owned every single piece of his heart. Like I said, their journey wasn’t an easy one. So many moments tugged at my heart and left me begging for more. The tension and will they/won’t they moments just oozed off the pages. I loved watching these two go through the paces and try to figure out if their future was worth fighting for.

My Only Reason was exactly the second chance romance I was looking for. It was well written and entertaining. The characters were so much fun and easy to connect with. I loved all the cameos and friendship between all the characters. I loved the angst and drama. I loved the tension and swoon worthy moments. I loved the moments that made my heart sigh and root for Marnie & Austin’s happily ever after. This book hit all my marks and left me with a huge smile on my face.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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