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Review: Stiff Competition by Amy Pinkston

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Get ready to score at Hardwood Country Club!

Fitz is back at Hardwood Country Club and not by choice. When a supposed rules violation on the PGA tour sends him packing back to his hometown, he figures it’s only temporary, but fate has other plans for this short-timer.

Tabby has given her heart and soul to the tennis program at Hardwood Country Club, but an ugly public breakup has her job in jeopardy. She has one hope to save her job — pull out all the stops for the club’s biggest event of the year.

Fitz and Tabby don’t just team up to run the club’s signature event, they aim to win it. The closer they get to the event, it becomes clear the competition isn’t the only thing heating up. And with their hearts on the line, the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Will their different approaches to love and life be a masterstroke or will they come up short? Find out today with Stiff Competition.

Stiff Competition is a full-length steamy sports romance that has a small-town feel. Each book in the Hardwood Country Club Series is a full-length standalone novel that can be read in any order, complete with a swoon-worthy HEA and plenty of laughs.


Stiff Competition is the first book in the Hardwood Country Club Series and it follows the story of Fitz & Tabby. Returning home is the last thing Fitz wanted to do, but when he broke the rules and found himself suspended from golf, he was left with no choice. His return home is only supposed to be temporary….what could possibly go wrong?? Tabby lives and breaths the tennis program at Hardwood Country Club. And after a really public breakup, she vows to never date a co-worker again. Seems easy enough, right?! The thing Tabby never counted on was Fitz. The pull between Fitz and Tabby is instant and leaves them both wanting more. However, once Fitz gets a job at the country club, all bets are off. Tabby knows she should stay away from Fitz, but the more time they spend together, the harder it is to stay away….

Stiff Competition is a small town romance that is easy to read and that will capture your heart. The characters had great chemistry and easily pulled you into their story. Fitz and Tabby’s story was sweet and steamy with just the right amount of drama.

Stiff Competition kicks off the Hardwood Country Club Series with a really good start. This series holds a lot of promise and Stiff Competition hit all the marks that I was looking for. Stiff Competition is my first book by this author and it definitely will not be my last. I had a fun time getting lost in these characters and their story.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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