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Throwback Thursdsay: More Than Enough (More Than #5) by Jay McLean

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“If I told you to jump, would you ask how high? Or would you just jump? If there were no reason behind it, would you still take the leap? What if I told you that at the end, there would be nothing? What if you made a splash on the world and lived in an eternal state of floating? Would you make waves? What if you couldn’t float? What if air lost the battle, and you lost the war? Would you want to know what was on the other side? Would you care? Or would you just jump… because I was the one that asked you?” 

“Because sometimes you need to have nightmares to appreciate the dreams.” 

“There’s no emotion greater than fear. No ache greater than grief. No sound greater than silence.” 

“To those who struggle to find peace amongst the chaos of your silence. May your voices be heard.” 

“It was in each other. We found the horizon. He found his calm. And I found my reality.” 

“What I had wasn’t enough. I wanted more than enough.” 

“You’re just a little broken… That’s all. Now you just have to let me be the glue that keeps you together.” 

“We run. We jump. We fall. Deeper. Harder. In love.” 

There’s no emotion greater than fear. 
No ache greater than grief. 
No sound greater than silence. 
I’m grateful he showed up on my doorstep, 
pissed off and angry at the world. 
If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t be here. 
And I don’t just mean here on this journey with him. 
I mean here, in this world. 

I wonder what events in all our lives—hers included—are The Turning Points? The points where we all determine that the fear of our pasts and the uncertainty of our futures are greater than our need for happiness. 
While time and everything around us stands unmoving… who’s to say we can’t have it all? 
We wanted it all. 
We wanted it with each other. 
We thrived on the chaos we created. 
And ignored the Mayhem that ensued. 
Because falling in love was easy. 
But sometimes, love isn’t enough.

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More Than Enough is book five in the More Than series and may be read as a standalone, though it is recommended to read in series order. 

Series reading order: 
More Than This 
More Than Her
More Than Him
More Than Forever 

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