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Throwback Thursday: Shuttergirl by CD Reiss

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“His eyes were dirty thoughts, and his lips curved into a breach of etiquette.”

“I knew this city like a lover, and she’d whisper her secrets to me.”

“I own this city. I walk with its rhythms, run with it’s breath, speak its language. Los Angeles is my lover. It knows I’m a survivor. It knows what I’ve done and has found no reason to forgive me, because there has never been a sin. I am brave and strong. I have a good sense of humor. I am loyal and friendly. I have friends around every corner. Celebrities and homeless people, priests and con men. The Mexican dudes playing dice in the loading dock, the guys with the boom box outside the abandoned buildings. The businessmen and actors, the models and personal trainers. The hookers on Sunset know my name, and I know theirs. We all live here. This is our Los Angeles.” 

“He was pure sex with a side of fun.” 

The most sought-after actor in Hollywood. A girl paparazzi. What could go wrong?

I never forgot her. Not for one minute. Not from the last time I saw her, at seventeen, to today. I measured all women against her and all women came up short.

But being with her was unfeasible in high school, and it’s taboo now.

I see her sometimes, but I’ve never spoken to her. She runs, or I run. We’re in the same town, on the same block, in the same building, and the gulf between us is just too wide to cross.

Until tonight.

He was my high school crush, back when I lived in a world that didn’t want me. He was the perfect boy, and I was the outcast kid from the other side of town. And when he held my hand I thought I could fit in, just a little. I thought I could be his and he could be mine.

Then he left, and my life fell apart.

Now we are the king and queen of opposite sides of Hollywood. And we haven’t spoken a word to each other.

Until tonight.

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