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Audible Exclusive: The Slow Burn by Kristen Ashely

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Check out Audible’s latest romance title from the New York Times best-selling author Kristen Ashley’s Moonlight and Motor Oil series! The Slow Burn will be available as an audiobook exclusively from Audible, allowing listeners to hear narrators Stella Bloom and Lance Greenfield bring this steamy story to life.

Check out this clip below:

The Slow Burn

Tobias Gamble knew from a young age precisely the kind of woman he was going to make his. She was not going to be like his mother. She was going to be like the mother he claimed.

In other words, she was going to be just right.

And when Toby returns to his hometown of Matlock, Kentucky, and claps eyes on Adeline Forrester, he knows she’s the one.

The problem is, his brother Johnny has a new girlfriend. And Addie is her sister. Last, Toby would do nothing to hurt Johnny’s chance at happiness.

Toby hangs around town to get to know the woman Johnny fell in love with. He also hangs around to get to know Addie.

But he’s fallen hard, and he knows the best thing for him – and Addie – is for him to leave.

Addie Forrester is thrilled her sister Eliza found a good, solid man. Johnny Gamble is the salt of the earth. The best guy in the world.

The best except for his brother, Toby.

Toby doesn’t know it, but Addie’s fallen hard too. He’s perfect, except for the fact that he’s hands off and it’s torture, being friends with Toby when she wants so much more.

Addie also has a lot on her mind. She’s got bills to pay, her young son needs food, Christmas is coming, and her job at the grocery store just isn’t cutting it.

Toby is steering clear of Addie. Addie is steering clear of Toby. But everyone around them knows this is the slow burn.

Because just like Eliza and Johnny, Addie and Toby were made for each other.

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The Slow Burn by Kristen Ashley had all the elements I was looking for. The hero was swoon-worthy and alpha. The leading lady was proud and trying to make the best life for her son. Together, these two would prove to be an explosive match. I loved their push and pull and couldn’t wait for them to give in to one another. Addie & Toby’s story had drama, steam and great family dynamic.

If I had one complaint about this story was that I felt like the pacing was a bit off. Let me just say, I am a huge KA fan and am totally used to her descriptive and over the top writing style. But, with this particular book, there were moments where I was like let’s move & get to the point already. And that is something that has never and I mean never happened to me when it comes to a KA read. Usually I devour her books in a ridiculously quick time and this one just felt like it took forever to get through.

Overall, I thought this book was an ok read. Even though it wasn’t a 100% hit for me, I still enjoyed the characters and am glad I gave Toby & Addie’s story a chance.

*I was provided an audio ARC of this book via Audible, in exchange for an honest review*

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