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Review: Well Suited (Red Lipstick Coalition #4) by Staci Hart

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Well Suited, the final standalone in Staci Hart’s Red Lipstick Coalition, is LIVE! It is the bittersweet end of an amazing series and the ending could not have been better!

Well Suited Red Lipstick Coalition #4 Staci Hart Genre : Romantic Comedy Publication Date : May 2, 2019

Chemistry is my love language.

I’ve always been able to separate feelings from chemosignals. A shot of dopamine, a dash of serotonin, and a sprinkle of oxytocin—and bam. You’re in love.

And when egg meets sperm, you’re pregnant.

I couldn’t even be surprised as I stared down at the little blue plus sign, because I knew exactly when and how, and with whom it happened.

When: approximately five weeks ago. Who: one night stand. How: prophylactic malfunction.

The upside? I don’t have to go looking for a suitable mate.

Genetically, he’s the cream of the crop. His musculature is a study in symmetry and strength, his height imposing and dominant. He is a man who thrives on control and command, a man who survives on intelligence and resourcefulness. A perfect male specimen.

And the whole package is wrapped up in a flawlessly tailored suit.

I’m having this baby, and he insists we’re well-suited to have it together. And what’s worse? He wants more, in the way of love and marriage.

But love isn’t real. It’s just a product of chemistry.

And if he changes my mind about that, we’re both in trouble.

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My Review

“She smelled like rain and fresh-cut flowers, like desire and unspoken promises. She smelled like my last meal, like a color I’d never seen before. Like a sense I hadn’t known I had was awakened simply by the proximity of my lips to her skin.”
“You make me feel like I’ve been starving my whole life, and I thought my deprivation was just the way life was. That living in a constant cycle of exhaustion and retreat was just how relationships worked. That’s the best I can  explain it–I was starving, and you are a feast. You even engage my salivary glands.”
“A truth that had been right there, right in front of me all along. His name on my lips, written on my heart, etched on my soul. I’d never believed in fate, never subscribed to soul mates. But if ever there was a man who was my exact match, my most perfect equal, it was Theo. And if that wasn’t love, I didn’t know what was. That word was defined by his existence.”
Beautiful, angsty and just freakin perfect is how I would describe Well Suited. Well Suited is the kind of book that begs to be devoured and will give you all the feels.
Well Suited is the fourth book in the Red Lipsitck Coalition and follows the story of Theo and Katherine. Right off the bat, I was captivated by these two. They couldn’t be more different if they tried, but their chemistry was way off the charts. I just knew they’d be explosive together and I was not disappointed. Theo and Katherine shared one perfect night together and if Katherine had it her way, that would be all there was, but fate had other plans for these two. In a matter of moments, two blue lines will turn Katherine and Theo’s world upside down. It’s terrifying. It’s scary. It could be hands down the best thing to ever happen to these two…
Well Suited is an emotional and heartwarming romance that just tugs at your heartstings. Katherine likes her life to be filled with order and rules. She likes her space and rarely lets anyone get close to her. She is strong and fiercely independent. Theo is her complete opposite. When it comes to love, Theo wants it all. His perfect match, his soul mate, the one that fate intended. But, Katherine doesn’t believe in any of that. Love is a word she doesn’t understand, but if Theo has it his way, she’ll soon discover that being in love is the best possible thing. It won’t be easy conceiving Katherine that there is more to their relationship than the life they’ve created. But, Theo has the patience of a saint and won’t back down from what he wants….
Well Suited was everything that I was looking for and then some. I couldn’t put this book down and even wild horses couldn’t stop me from devouring Theo and Katherine’s story. Their story filled with so much emotion, you could just feel it oozing off the pages. By the time I got to chapter 28, I was a mess. My eyes couldn’t stop tearing up and didn’t stop until I reached the very end. Theo & Katherine were just so perfect for one another and I loved every single second of their story. Staci Hart has certainly outdone herself with Well Suited. I laughed. I swooned. I raged. I teared up. I am so full of emotion and am just loving every single second of it. It was such a joy to get lost in these characters. To see them grow and change as the story went on. To see them fall in love and fight for what they wanted. The road to happily ever after wasn’t an easy one for Theo and Katherine, but the journey was so worth it.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Need to catch up on the series? The first three books in the Red Lipstick Coalition are available now for purchase or for free in Kindle Unlimited!

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Staci has been a lot of things up to this point in her life — a graphic designer, an entrepreneur, a seamstress, a clothing and handbag designer, a waitress. Can’t forget that. She’s also been a mom, with three little girls who are sure to grow up to break a number of hearts. She’s been a wife, though she’s certainly not the cleanest, or the best cook. She’s also super, duper fun at a party, especially if she’s been drinking whiskey. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, sleeping, gaming, or designing graphics.

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