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Review: Vengeance Road by Christine Feehan

Go zero to sixty in this dangerously sexy novel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan.

Breezy Simmons was born into a ruthless motorcycle club—and now that she’s out, she’s never going to be that girl again. But when her past catches up with her, Breezy must go to Sea Haven to seek out the man who almost destroyed her. The man who chose his club over her and left her feeling used and alone.

As vice president of Torpedo Ink, Steele is ride or die for the brothers he lived through hell with. He never thought he’d find something as pure as his feelings for Breezy, or that keeping her safe would mean driving her away with cruel words that turned her love for him to ash.

Now, Steele won’t let her walk away twice. He’ll do whatever it takes to make Breezy his woman again—especially when he learns the real reason she came to him for help, and that the stakes are higher than he ever could have imagined…

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Talk about a story that just consumes you. Breezy and Steele’s story is utterly captivating. It hooks you from the very beginning and is just impossible to put down.

Breezy and Steele’s love affair is a complicated one. You see, the life that Breezy grew up in was terrible. Absolutely horrible. She was treated like the lowest of the low and the only saving grace in her life was Steele. The moment Steele came into the picture and claimed Breezy for his own, Breezy finally got a taste of good. All was going well with these two until the day came that Steele had to break her heart. And he didn’t just break it, he crushed it. But, I promise you, he had his reasons for hurting Breezy. Did they suck? Absolutely. But when you love someone as much as Steele loved Breezy, there’s nothing he wouldn’t do to save the woman he loved. 3 years will pass before these former lovers will be reunited and so much has changed. An old threat has Breezy seeking out the man who destroyed her heart and the life she once put behind her. And once Steele lays his eyes on his woman after all that time….All bets are off. He’s playing for keeps this time and won’t stop until Breezy is right back where she belongs….

Vengeance Road is a complicated, dark and intense read. Some passages were really hard to get through and just left your mind spinning. Many times I found myself wondering how Steele and Breezy were able to rise about their pasts and become better people. It just totally blew my mind. Their lives should have been an overwhelming mess, but somehow they were able to make some positive out of all the pain.

Now, I will be the first to tell you, these characters are frustrating. Like rip your hair out, scream at your kindle frustrating. After the home Breezy grew up in, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with the MC life. She had a lot of judgement when it came to the Torpedo Ink, and rightfully so. But, her time away from Steele forced her to grow up and depend on herself, not a man. She had a lot of reservations about Steele and definitely put him through the paces before even considering letting him back into her heart. And Steele….man oh man is he complicated. He’s gruff. He’s possessive. He’s controlling and one determined man. His relationship with Breezy was definitely a complicated one and could be seen as toxic by some. Due to the things he endured in his past, I could understand his insane need to protect and watch over Breezy. Did it make crazy? Sure did. But, when you learn about all the demons he’s battling it just somehow makes sense. Somehow this crazy relationship just works. It’s not for me, but who am I to judge? At the end of the day, Breezy and Steele just mesh well together. They get one another in a way that no one else can and I honestly think that they are the only ones who could handle the complicated mess of their lives. I loved that Breezy wasn’t easy on Steele. She made him work and show her that he’s a changed man and that she is the woman that he wants.

Overall, I really enjoyed this story. Vengeance Road is filled with lots of passion, angst, drama and danger. This story will put you heart through the ringer and will have your eyes glued to the pages.  I loved the characters, even if they did frustrate me at times. I loved the grittiness of the story-line and being kept on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Steele and Breezy. Vengeance Road is a terrific addition to the Torpedo Ink Series. It gave me everything I was looking for in an MC Romance. It was dark. It was complicated. There was a ton of shock and danger. There was of course, romance. And some seriously sexy good times. This book definitely hit all the marks for me and I’m excited to see where this series is going to go next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review* 

EXCERPT (Provided by Berkeley/Penguin Random House)

Breezy Simmons leaned against her pickup for a moment, staring at the large building that housed the Torpedo Ink Motorcycle Club. Her heart beat so hard in her chest she was afraid she might vomit. The world spun uncontrollably, and she quickly leaned down, putting her head between her legs, drawing in great gulps of air. She caught a glimpse of two men on the other side of the compound as her head went toward the asphalt, and she didn’t recognize either of them. That made her pounding heart sink.

She couldn’t possibly have the wrong club. This had to be them. She was running out of time and options. She slowly righted herself and took another cautious look around. The two men stared at her from across the parking lot. She was careful not to look at them too long. She didn’t want them coming anywhere near her. She needed to get in and out very fast.

The Torpedo Ink compound was extremely large and had a high chain-link fence surrounding it. There was even razor wire up on top of the fence, making the place look like a fortress. The rolling gates were wide open, and she’d driven her truck right inside, parking as close to the clubhouse as possible. She deliberately left the door to her beat-up pickup open and the engine running. Hopefully, no one recognized her, and she could get in and out of the building quickly, once she asserted these were the right people, the ones she was looking for.

In the early morning hours, the club was just beginning to stir. Clearly, they’d partied hard over the weekend. In the enormous side yard, the one with the beautiful ocean view, she could see embers in fire pits glowing as the breeze stirred them up. A man with his back to her watered them down with a hose. He wore a tight tee and jeans, but no colors. Still, she knew this was the home of the club that called itself Torpedo Ink. She sent up a silent prayer that this was the one she’d been looking for.

There were empty bottles strewn around the grass and on the ground to the side of the building in the wide expanse of open field. Cars, motorcycles and trucks were scattered around the parking lot, although no one parked where the club did. Their motorcycles were lined up neatly and a prospect watched over them. He sat on the curb looking at her. She was parked too close to the precious bikes, but she didn’t care—other than it had drawn the attention of the prospect.

Another long line of motorcycles was parked a short distance down from the clubhouse and a prospect watched over those bikes as well. He looked at her without much interest, which indicated to her that these bikes belonged to a visiting club. He wasn’t as interested in protecting the grounds as the one closest to the clubhouse.

She had to get this over with. Just being in such close proximity to an MC made her sick. The fact that she knew what went on at the party made her even sicker. That this might be his club, and she had to risk running into him, made all that far worse.

Breezy squared her shoulders, dragged the envelope off the seat and turned all in one motion. The prospect was on his feet. If she knew for certain this was the right club, she would have thrust the letter into his hands and left, but she was guessing from a process of elimination.

She purposely hadn’t kept track of him, especially when she’d heard, a year after she’d left, that eighteen members of the Swords had set up the international president for assassination and had, allegedly, wiped out a number of members and then disappeared. She knew who those eighteen members were immediately and knowing them, she knew it was possible when others said it wasn’t. She’d run as far from the life as she could and now she was pulled right back in.

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