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Review Tour: Tragic by Devney Perry

Kaine Reynolds wants nothing more than solitude. After an unthinkable tragedy destroys his family, he’s cut off all ties to his former life so he can battle his grief the only way he knows how.W


So when Piper Campbell knocks on his door, rambling on about being his new neighbor, he slams the door in her face.

But Kaine’s gruff demeanor doesn’t scare her. She’s set on living in Montana and starting over after a terrible divorce. And she wouldn’t mind having a fling to chase away the pain of her husband’s betrayal. Her handsome, albeit rude, neighbor is the perfect candidate.

Yet what neither of them suspect is that their no-strings affair will result in the surprise of Piper’s lifetime—and Kaine’s worst fear.


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My Review

“She needed  strong partner. Someone sure. Someone as sturdy as the wood slabs in my shop. Not because she couldn’t stand on her own, but because a weaker partner would pull her down. She needed someone to lift her higher. Someone like me?”

“I was falling in love with my grouchy, tormented neighbor. I was falling for a man who was sweet and kind. I was falling in love with a man who had a little magic of his own.”

“I always maintained that line in the sand. There were no lines anymore. I would cross them all. Piper Campbell had broken past all my walls and made me fall in love with her. She’d work her way into my broken heart, filling the black holes with light.”

“Somewhere along the line, you stole my heart, I’m going to steal yours in return. Just wait and see.”

Tragic is a beautiful and emotional second chance romance. It is a story that is sure to tug on your heart strings while giving you all the feels.

Told from dual points of view, Tragic follows the story of Piper and Kaine. Fresh from her divorce, Piper wants nothing more than a fresh start and to put the past behind her. She’s not looking for anything serious, but a fling might be just what the doctor ordered to mend her broken heart…..Kaine wants nothing but to bury the ghosts of his past and deal with his grief in his own way. He’s found solitude in the mountains of Montana and is happy with the status quo. All is going according to plan until a new neighbor moves in. When his gruff exterior doesn’t scare Piper away, a fire is ignited in Kaine. Feelings he thought were buried have been put to the forefront. Passion is ignited and lines will be crossed. Will a no strings attached fling be what the doctor ordered or will it turn Kaine & Piper’s world upside down….

Tragic is the kind of story that just grabs you from the very first page. The prologue just tugged at my heart and brought tears to my eyes. I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait to read more. Piper and Kaine’s story is the kind that I just love to get lost in. It’s consuming and makes you feel so many emotions. It’s the kind of story you can’t help but devour because you don’t want to put it down. And honestly, there’s nothing better than a second chance romance that digs its heels into your soul.

Piper and Kaine had me from their very first encounter. Kaine’s pain and heartache was so palpable. He was so closed off. In fact, he was quite the jerk at times. He just had so many demons he was trying to keep at bay. But, I just knew under all that gruff exterior was an amazing man. I lived for the moments when he would let you in. Those moments when he was unguarded and real. He was a truly sweet and passionate man. And when he fell in love….oh, boy! All bets were off. And Piper….Ugh! Her story was heartbreaking as well. She had such a big heart and had so much love to give. She could have let her divorce destroy her, but instead, she had this amazing outlook. She wasn’t going to give up. She had a calming way about her and was just the balm that Kaine needed in his life…He just didn’t know it yet.

Together Kaine and Piper were an unstoppable force. Both looking for peace and solace and instead found an all consuming love that they never expected. I loved their passion and determination. Life threw so many obstacles at these two. Both of them hurt and betrayed by the ones they loved. Kaine’s demons really struck a chord with me and I can’t even count how many times my heart broke for him. It was no wonder that he had a hard time dealing with his emotions and didn’t know how to handle the feelings that Piper brought out of him. I just ached for the moment when everything would be ok and those demons would finally be laid to rest. The road to happily ever after wasn’t an easy one for these two, but I truly enjoyed every moment of it. The good. The bad. The ugly. The parts that hurt. Kaine & Piper didn’t just save themselves, they saved each other.

Tragic is a beautiful and heartbreaking story. It’s a story of two broken and lost souls just trying to find their way in the world again. It’s a story of healing and forgiveness. A story of escape and learning to move on. It’s a story of taking that leap towards love and fighting for what you want. So many times I found myself with tears in my eye and in the next moment I was swooning over Kaine. Yes, that broody, gruff man knocked me off my feet and I just swooned over the love he had for Piper.

In the end, Tragic is one of those stories that I know will stick with me for a while. It’s so incredibly well written and it’s definitely one of those stories that I would recommend having tissues near by for. Kaine & Piper’s story captivated me and left me speechless. I’m still so full of emotions as I’m writing this review and hope that all of my feelings make sense. I just loved every single moment of this story from beginning to end. If I could give this story a million stars, I totally would. Tragic is definitely a top read for me from this author.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Devney is the USA Today bestselling author of the Jamison Valley series. She lives in Montana with her husband and two children. After working in the technology industry for nearly a decade, she abandoned conference calls and project schedules to enjoy a slower pace at home with her kids. She loves reading and, after consuming hundreds of books, decided to share her own stories. Devney loves hearing from readers! Connect with her on social media.

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