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Review: Trailer Park Heart by Rachel Higginson

Trailer park born and raised. It’s my legacy. That’s how my mama lived. And that’s how her mama lived. It’s the life I was born into and it’s the life I swore I would leave the second I was old enough to make it out.

Only legacies have a funny way of sneaking up on you. An innocent decision the night of high school graduation led to a series of complications in my plans to escape.

Seven years later, I’ve resigned myself to this small town and the roots I’m tied to. Nothing could make me leave. And nothing could make me spill the secrets that keep me here.

Until he walks back into town with a chip on his shoulder and a stupid hunch nobody else in town has been smart enough to follow.

Levi Cole is my opposite. Born on the right side of the tracks with family money to spare, he’s the kind of black sheep that can afford to be rebellious—because his family will always pay for his mistakes. He’s also the only living heir to Cole Family Farms, after his brother Logan was killed in duty seven years ago.

He sees something in my life that he thinks he has a right to. But he’s wrong. And obnoxious. And he needs to take his stubborn good looks and that intense way he looks at me and go back to wherever it was he came from.

I know better than to trust men like him. I was born and raised in a trailer park, I know nothing good happens to girls like me—girls with trailer park lives and trailer park hearts. Especially from gorgeous, kind, pigheaded men like him.


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My Review

“He smirked. Because that’s what Levi Cole did. He smirked and smoldered and sneered.”

“Everything inside me heated and burned and tingled and all I wanted to do was get lost in the music and Levi’s magic.”

“This is not how I planned my life to go. But…at the same time, it’s so much better than I ever imagined.”

“It’s never been easy. There hasn’t been a single day that was easy. I don’t think good things ever are. The hard things make the victory and the success so much better, so much more beautiful.”

Man. Oh, man! From the moment I laid my eyes on the blurb for Trailer Park Heart, I knew this book was going to take my heart for a ride and what a ride it was. From enemies to lovers to an unconventional love story, Trailer Park Heart grabbed a hold of my heart and had my eyes glued to the pages….

From the moment I picked up Trailer Park Heart, I was hooked. I was totally captivated by Ruby’s story and had to know more. Ruby is the kind of girl who’s been dealt some pretty crappie cards when it comes to this game of life. All she ever wanted was to escape the trailer park stigma and see what the world had to offer. However, life had other plans for Ruby. Graduation should be the best night of her life, but for Ruby, her life was about to change in ways she never expected….

I gotta say, I totally loved Ruby. She was sassy, strong and independent. She was young, so she didn’t always make the best decisions. But, I honestly think she was doing the best that she could with the cards that she was dealt. She didn’t have a ton of friends and was hurt by the town gossip. But, she didn’t let that gossip get her down. Nope. She gave just as good as she got. Always ready for a fight and always willing to do what she had to protect the things most important to her….Levi was the one thing Ruby never saw coming. He challenged her in ever possible way. Their banter was some of the best sexual tension I have ever seen. I mean, it always seemed like these two were up for a fight, but there was definitely more to that than what meets the eye. These two had an incredible back and forth and I just loved watching the two of them interact. And Levi…I just loved the sweet moments with him. He was the type that wasn’t afraid to go after what he wanted and that led to some seriously delicious alpha moments.

Trailer Park Heart is a wonderful and emotional second chance romance. It has a delicious slow burn that will tug at your heart and leave you begging for more. Trailer Park Heart is filled with lots of emotion and is a story about fighting for the things that you want. It’s a story of growth and family. A story of learning not to judge people. It’s a story of learning to go with the flow and make the best out of the life you have. Things may not always go as planned, but sometimes the surprises change your life in the best possible way.

Trailer Park Heart took my emotions on one incredible ride and surprised me in the best of ways. I enjoyed every second of this story from beginning to end and look forward to seeing what adventure this author has in store for us next.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


It was only the middle of September, but I knew I had to start putting away a little bit every paycheck, so I would have something extra if Jamie suddenly asked me to purchase all the treat bag paraphernalia or juice boxes for the entire school.

“You look tired, baby,” Mom commented. “Hard day at work?” “Just a hard day.” I sighed and slid onto the stool beside her. “Don’t you hate how many of those there are?” she asked, her eyes glittering with mischief.

“This grown-up thing is for the birds.” “Amen.”

Max returned with the cuss jar. “Two dollars, Grammy.” “Two dollars?” she gasped. He grinned at her. “The F word is five! You’re getting a bargain.” We laughed at my crazy, smart, ridiculous kid. He’d been the one to decide the varying

degrees of fines. On one hand, I knew I should be a better mom and protect him from all these words to begin with. On the other, I knew it was more important to raise him the right way than to always put him in the right situations. I couldn’t possibly control every single thing he’s exposed to during our lifetimes. But I could help him become the best man possible. I could teach him through the hard and awkward and awful situations and help him become kind and honest, loyal and giving.

Or, at least that’s what I hoped to do. “I guess I am.” My mom laughed. “What about homework, little man?” I asked him after he’d collected my mom’s money. He made a frustrated sound. “Maybe, I don’t know.” Pulling out his folder, I dove into the after-school mom responsibilities I knew so well. It was

weird that Jamie had invited us over for a playdate. But it was even weirder that Levi Cole was coming back.

What did he want here? How long was he going to stay? Not that it mattered to me. I planned to ignore him, remember?


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