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Review: Hold You Close by Melanie Harlow & Corinne Michaels

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From NYT Bestseller Corinne Michaels & USA Today Bestseller Melanie Harlow, comes a second chance standalone romance.

Ian Chase broke my heart at seventeen, and I’ve spent the last eighteen years hating him for it.

He makes it easy, with his smart mouth and playboy lifestyle—which I unfortunately have to observe since he lives behind me. Every time I see him climbing out of his pool, practically naked and unreasonably sexy, my blood boils.

I’ve always loved to loathe him.

I never planned to need him.


London Parish is my little sister’s best friend, not that it stopped me from falling for her.

Our history is complicated. The only thing we have in common is being godparents to my sister’s three adorable kids—until our lives are changed in one tragic moment.

Now we’re trying to raise the children we love, mourn an unthinkable loss, and fight an undeniable attraction.

My life is already upside-down, and the last thing I need is for old feelings to resurface.

Because I’ll never be able to keep her, no matter how hard I try to hold her close.

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My Review

“Men are fixers, Son. Men are strength. Men don’t let anyone see vulnerability. When someone hurts your mother or sister, you’ll fight. If someone you love is in pain, you fight, got it?”

“Ian is the gasoline and I’m the match–when we connect, we could start a forest fire.”

“London is the sun, the stars, the light at the end of the tunnel that I’m so desperate to reach, but know I’ll never touch.”

“Loving Ian was never really a choice, though. He’s always been the guy for me. I just wish my heart knew he was the wrong one.”

What do you do when your two favorite authors co-write a book together?? You drop everything and get your greedy hands on it, of course! Now, let me tell you, when it comes to these two authors, my bar is already set high. I mean, I have loved and adored everything that they have written. So, when I heard that they were co-writing a book together, I screamed, did a little happy dance and anxiously awaited getting my hands on this book. I couldn’t wait to see what these two had in store for us and let me tell you, these two do not disappoint. If anything they’ve gone and set the bar even higher.

Hold You Close is heartbreaking and addictive second chance romance. From the moment you start reading Ian and London’s story, you might as well forget whatever you’ve got going on for the day because this is a book that you will not be able to put down. It’s an enemies to lovers story that will take you on one emotional ride. From ups to downs, to soul crushing loss to doing what you think is right and taking a chance on the one that hurt you, this book has everything an angst lover could want.

Hold You Close is incredibly well written and has an addictive plot. The characters suck you in instantly and will have you begging for more. London is the girl who wants it all: love, career, family. She’s smart, loyal and dependable. And Ian is the guy that has heart-breaker written all over him. He is sexy and completely unattainable. He’s living the life and makes no excuses for the man he is. He isn’t perfect, but underneath his player exterior is a man with a huge heart. A man who will do anything for those he loves. A man that will give up his happiness for the happiness of others. Together London and Ian are an explosion just waiting to happen. Their past and their chemistry lends to some insane tension. The push and pull will leave you begging for more and dying for these two to just give in to what they truly want.

What else can I say other than I loved every word of this story. From beginning to end, I was completely swept up in Ian & London’s story. I was captivated, heartbroken, frustrated and totally in love. This book was angsty and filled with just the emotion I was waiting for. It was Corinne Michaels and Melanie Harlow to a T. You couldn’t tell where one authors writing began and the others ended. It was completely flawless and just the book my heart was looking for. Simply put, I loved it. I loved it. I loved it. This duo knocked it out of the park with Hold Me Close and I can not wait to see what this duo brings to the table next.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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