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Review: Fighting Furry by Katharine Sadler

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Injured UFC fighter, Julie Jacobs, goes to Mule Creek, Colorado to recuperate and get healthy. She doesn’t expect the town to be so rustic that they don’t even have paved roads, she doesn’t expect the people there to be so weird, and she certainly doesn’t expect to be bitten. When she wakes up in a jail cell, two things become immediately clear: the man standing on the other side of the bars is the sexiest man she’s ever encountered and he’s completely insane.

At least, she thinks he’s insane until he teaches her to shift and she discovers she really has been turned into a werewolf. That news might bother her, but she’s also been fully healed by the change and she can get back to LA and to fighting as soon as possible. Well, she could if the sexiest man alive, Axel Montgomery, alpha of the Mule Creek pack, would be reasonable and stop trying to tell her what to do. When he follows her to LA, she’s ready to show him just how tough she is, but it turns out being a werewolf isn’t all midnight runs and belly rubs. There are urges and cravings and new abilities that will change her life in every conceivable way.

Nothing will ever be simple for Julie Jacobs again. Not only does she have nosy paparazzi on her tail, but there’s a whole world of intrigue and politics among the werewolves that she’s going to have a really hard time avoiding.

She’d never admit it, but she’s glad Axel seems determined never to leave her side. She can’t stand him, but he sure is easy on the eyes.

**Each book in this series is about a different couple and contains an HEA** 

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My Review

One of the things I love most about reading is taking chances on new authors. I love discovering books I’ve never heard of and I love books that take me by surprise. And Fighting Furry is the latest one to capture my attention.

Fighting Furry is a unique and entertaining paranormal romance. It captures your attention from the very first page and will keep you wanting to know what will happen next. I enjoyed the story and its characters. I liked Axle and Julie right away. I enjoyed the way they challenged one another and how they just seem to fit from the very beginning, even if Julie was too stubborn to admit it. Julie and Axle were both determined and strong characters. I enjoyed the sparks between them and those oh, so steamy moments.

Fighting Furry is written and paced well. I enjoyed the supernatural elements it brought to the table. The story-line was fresh and interesting. Overall, I thought this story was a fun read. There were a few moments where it felt a little rough around the edges, but I think this series has a lot of great potential and I’m excited to see where this author is going to take this series next.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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