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Review: Lyric (Rebel #1) by Molly McAdams

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New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Molly McAdams delivers the first captivating, stand-alone novel in her REDEMPTION series spin-off—the REBEL series…

I’m not the kind of girl you forget.

I wish I was.

I wish I was normal.

That I could blend into a crowd. Have a future with the man I’ve loved my entire life . . .
Maxon James understands me in a way others can’t.

For as long as I can remember, he’s vowed that one day he would claim my wild, rebel heart. God knows I wanted him to try. I wanted the life he promised me in his lyrics.

But his assurances couldn’t change the past, and the infamous mafia blood in my veins guarantees my heart can’t be claimed.

Somewhere along the way, I slipped. I let myself believe we could have it all. Now a dark, menacing shadow hovers between us, mocking us for daring to hope for a normal future.

And it’s come to collect on a blood oath.

My name’s Elizabeth Borello—Libby for short. Don’t worry about forgetting it . . . He hasn’t.

“Libby was impulsive and wild and free in everything. The way she thought. The way she lived. The way she loved. If you told her not to do something, she’d do it just to show you that you couldn’t stop her. She was my rebel.”

“He made it hard to breathe. He made it hard to concentrate. He made it hard to remember why I hated him, when all I wanted was to fall into his arms and tell him how much I missed him.”

“I’ve always know I wanted forever with you. Just been waiting for you to get there with me.”

Oh, my goodness!!! This book. My heart is still racing. Lyric was so unexpected. So perfect. So everything. It was captivating. It was thrilling. It was all that and more…

Lyric is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Libby and Maxon. Libby and Maxon are the very definition of complicated. Their relationship is special and unique. Maxon has wanted nothing more than to win the heart of Libby and give her everything that she deserves. And Libby would love nothing more than to live out her days with Maxon, but a big family secret keeps her from doing just that. No matter how much she wants Maxon, she will do whatever it takes to keep him safe; even if it means breaking their hearts along the way. But the love Libby and Maxon share is a force to be reckoned with. Neither one of them are willing to give up so easily. When Libby’s past catches up to the present, that intense love with be put to the test. And only time will tell if they are strong enough to face what life is throwing at them….

I’m going to be totally honest with you, when I picked up this book, I had no real idea what I was getting myself into. I mean, I knew it was a Molly McAdams read, so I was totally prepared to have my heart ripped out of my chest and be taken on an emotional ride. But, boy let me tell you, I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up Lyric. From the moment I picked up this book, I was completely captivated. I was totally lost in Libby and Maxon’s story and wild horses couldn’t stop me from reading this book. I was hooked. I had a million questions all while my heart was aching for these two characters. Their push. Their pull. Their chemistry was just off the charts and I couldn’t get enough of them. They were complicated, yet so in love. And when forces beyond their control tried to break them apart, there is nothing these two wouldn’t do to protect or save the other. I was totally riveted as I watched their story play out. I was on the edge of my seat and glued to the pages.

Lyric is a fast paced and exciting romance. It’s filled with delicious angst and a steamy romance. It’s filled with an everlasting love and determination. It’s got the sweet and swoon-worthy and the down right sexy. There is suspense and danger around each corner. There are twists that will have you blowing through the pages, just to see how it will all end. This book hit all the marks for me and totally blew my mind. I loved every single second of it and can not wait to get my hands on the next book in this series!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


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