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Release Blitz: The Baby Mission by Vivian Wood

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From USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestseller Vivian Wood comes a story that is about lust, longing, and the beginnings of love…

He wants into my pants.

And I want a baby…

I want a baby, and I want it bad. But there’s no Mr. Right in sight and I’m tired of waiting around for someone to rock my boat. So I decide that I’m going to have a baby on my own.

Then I meet Jett at a party. Tall, dark, and handsome, he is just my type. He lures me in from the very first time our eyes meet. When the playboy makes it clear that he’s only interested in my body, I don’t take offence in the least.

Blushing, I ask him to be my sperm donor, the old-fashioned way. And he says yes… as long as I agree to his terms.

That means skin-on-skin, lips crushed to lips, him satisfying me until I shout his name to the rooftops. And he’s so f*cking good, I can’t stand it.

Everything is fine, as long as I stick to the rules. No holding hands, no making plans. Simple as that.

There aren’t any feelings involved… until there are.

Rules are made to be broken right?

But so are hearts, and that’s what I’m afraid of.

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It’s only been three days since she basically kicked me out of her apartment, but I can’t stop thinking about Cady.

I find myself slipping into memories, remembering just how hot she was when she touched herself for me. Head thrown back, biting her luscious red lips, she enchanted me. And when she took my whole cock in her pussy for the first time?

Holy fuck.

My cock jumps to attention under my jeans as I’m sitting in standstill traffic. I glance at my phone, tempted to text her right this second. Then I think about how she was afterward, straight up asking me if I had somewhere to be.

It was so frosty that I needed a sweater. I wasn’t expecting that kind of burn. She tried to make it up to me by asking me to text her later, but I got the message loud and clear.

I was just a tall, bearded, tattooed one-night stand type, who happened to be her sperm donor. Nothing more than that.

It is fine, really. But a part of me had sort of hoped that the two of us could at least be civil outside of our enthusiastic fucking.

The other part of me told that voice to shut the fuck up and take what was offered. Especially when what was offered involved such explosively good chemistry.

Just text her, I thought. Go and get some action, then dip out and still get a good night of sleep.

I stare at the cars ahead of me for a minute, then sigh and pick up my phone.

Hey. You working? I texted.

To my surprise, it’s only a few seconds before she answers. My place?

She keeps it short, sweet, and to the point. I can’t say that I blame her.

Yep. Be there whenever I get out of traffic. I-85 is a mess right now.

I’ll be waiting.

I get to her place as soon as I can, and go through the whole rigamarole of buzzing at the door. When I get up to her door, just looking at the now-familiar slick black paint, the heavy gold number 16… it kinda turns me on.

I cock my head, considering that. She pulls the door open, and my heart skips a beat.

She answers the door wearing nothing but a set of wispy see-through red bra and panties. Her hair is pulled into a low braid, and she’s wearing that same red lipstick. She grins at the dopey face that I’m making, stepping forward and grabbing me by the hand to pull me inside the apartment.

I close the door as she moves into the apartment, toward the bedroom.

She’s right in front of me, and I can’t resist the urge to reach out and grab her, to feel the silkiness of her lingerie under my fingertips. She turns in my arms, her dark hair and red lipstick so very vivid. Our lips meet, the kiss passionate and full of need.

I slide my hand to the back of her neck, a growl building in my throat. I feel the need to possess her, to own her, if just for this moment.

I deepen the kiss, realizing how much I needed this — I’d let it all build too long. Maybe that was why I was so  fucking horny. She moans a little as she kisses me, coming up onto her toes to get closer.

Judging by her enthusiasm in returning the kiss, she felt the same.

I am desperate to feel Cady under my body. I feel like I’m going off the deep end a little, the urge to feel every single inch of her nearly overwhelming. I pick her up with one arm, carrying her backwards into the bedroom.

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