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Release Blitz with Review: Justice (Creed Brothers #1) by K. C. Lynn





Fate made us brothers, loyalty made us family.

A bond that runs deeper than the Mississippi, my brothers and I might not have the same DNA but what we share is far more powerful. Our loyalty to one another and the man who made us a family is stronger than those bound by blood.

The most sought out sharp shooters in the country, our paths were certain, before one woman changed my life and altered the relationship I have with my brothers.

Ryanne Lockwood disappeared without a trace but her memory never faded, torturing me on the darkest nights. Until a twist of fate leads me back to her, sending our worlds to collide once more, and this time, there will be no escaping me.


Justice Creed’s bad boy appeal caught my attention from the moment he rolled into town. For years I watched from afar, swallowing up the rumors that surrounded him.

Until we shared a night of forbidden passion. One that destroyed my heart and reshaped my soul, and it sent me fleeing from the only town I’ve ever known.

Now, years later, he’s barged back into my life, uncovering a secret I’ve worked so hard to keep and it’s one that will change our lives forever.

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My Review

“He yanks me  against his hard body and takes my mouth in a fiery kiss. Demanding–dominating–and I completely give into it, drowning in my own forbidden desire. “

“There’s no fighting it. This need, the magnetic pull between us is stringer than us both and I succumb to it, letting it drown me in my own desire.”

“Love is blind and knows no color.” ” We are family and nothing will ever change that “

“Family is what we make it and whom we make it with. They aren’t always blood or the people that brought us into the world, but they are always loyal, true and love without fault.”

Justice. Justice. Justice. Oh, how I have been waiting for you!!! I didn’t think it would be possible to love another series as much as I loved KC Lynn’s Men of Honor, but let me tell you, KC Lynn has knocked it out of the park with Justice. The creed brothers have taken my heart and have given me a run for my money. Justice is an emotionally driven and powerful second chance romance and one that I highly recommend checking out asap!

Justice is darker and a bit more intense than what I’m used to from this author, but it is no less amazing. This story is well written, intriguing and will capture your heart from the very first page. This book is the most unconventional of stories. A bond of brotherhood that only the Creed brothers can understand. A family that was made out of choice and not with what they were given. A romance and chemistry unlike any other. A story that is destined to make you feel everything and put your heart through the ringer…

From the moment I met Justice and Ryanne, I was 100% hooked. I fell in love with Justice and Ryanne’s friendship; the innocence and sweetness of it. I loved their interactions and waited with baited breath for the moment that these two would become more than just friends. As the years progressed, the fire between Ryanne and Justice only burned hotter and when these two did finally come together….it led to some sinfully hot moments. I mean moments that will have you blushing and fanning yourself. Justice takes alpha to a whole and I mean a whole other level and is probably one of the most sinful men I have ever encountered in a book. And Ryanne…She was nothing like I expected. Sweet. Innocent. She loves with everything that she has and is fiercely protective of those she lets into her life. Her life has been anything but easy, and she was everything I could have asked for in a partner for Justice.

Justice is one of those stories that you just can’t help but fall in love with. It’s dark, yet heartwarming. It’s captivating and intriguing. It’s filled with love and pain, hope and despair. It is a story of family and finding where you belong. It is a story of forgiveness and sacrifices made in the name of love. It is a story of love; real, messy and perfect love. It is a story that will make you feel everything and leave you begging for more.

Justice has completely stolen my heart. I am just filled with so many emotions right now and am so in love with this book that I have just read. I loved every heartbreaking, angsty, pull at your heart, melt your panties off moment. KC Lynn has once again outdone herself with another phenomenal, breathtaking, yet complex love story. The Creed Brothers Series is off to one heck of a start and I will be sitting here waiting impatiently to get my hands on the next book in this series!!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


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