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Review: Potions & Fangs by Alyssa Rose Ivy and Jennifer Snyder

College life bites…

Fern wants to blend in. On a campus with thousands of students she may finally have the chance, even if she has to contend with her witchy secret. Still, something is missing. Quite possibly someone. After sending an email to the guy she’s crushed on for forever she doesn’t expect an answer, let alone the possibility that their former co-worker friendship could turn into something far less platonic.

Holder is searching for himself. He took a chance and followed his passion for art to Savannah. Unfortunately, that same passion will lead to his death. Emails to Fern are the only way he’s staying sane and it isn’t long before he realizes he can’t survive without her. Literally.

College is supposed to be rough, but when you’re a witch trying to hide your talents or a guy hoping he doesn’t sparkle in the sunlight, it just might be rough enough to kill you.


My Review

Potions & Fangs follows the story of Fern and Holder. On a campus of thousands, Fern wants nothing more than to blend in and keep her truth a secret. Feeling as though something is missing, Fern takes a chance and emails Holder. She has had a crush on Holder for forever and never thought he would answer her emails….Holder is lost and wants nothing more than to find who he truly is. College is hard for the average person, but when life throws a major curveball at Holder, only time will tell if he can handle what now lies ahead for him….

Overall, I thought this novella was a quick and easy read. I loved the writing style and found it to be very unique. I liked the email set up, but would have loved to have seen more real dialogue in addition to the emails. I loved the ease and fun banter between Fern and Holder. You could tell their friendship was real and could feel sprinklings of something more along the way. You could definitely tell these two had real chemistry and as much as I loved their emails to one another, I would have liked to experience their relationship transition to something more.

Potions & Fangs is a unique concept with with easy flow. I enjoyed the mixing of Alyssa Rose Ivy & Jennifer Snyder’s writing style. I thought it blended seamlessly and I loved seeing what these two authors would bring to the table.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


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