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Blog Tour for A Cruel Kind of Beautiful Featuring A Guest Post From Author Michelle Hazen

We are thrilled to be celebrating the release of Michelle Hazen’s Rockstar Romance, A CRUEL KIND OF BEAUTIFUL! This is the first installment in her Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll series. Follow the tour for reviews, excerpts, guest posts, plus enter to win a $50 Amazon gift card!  

Title:  A Cruel Kind of Beautiful

Author: Michelle Hazen

Release Date: December 4, 2017

Publisher: Self-published

Series: Sex, Love, and Rock & Roll

Genres: Contemporary Romance

Page Count: 344


If you can’t get to the Big O, can you get to the happily ever after? 

Jera McKnight loves music, swoons for hot guys, but sucks at sex. Jacob Tate is her perfect storm: a pun-loving nude model with a heart as big as his record collection.

When a newspaper-delivery accident lands him in her living room, he’s almost tempting enough to make her forget she’s never been able to please a man—in bed or out of it. Sure, he laughs at her obscure jokes, and he’ll even accept a PG-rating if it means he gets time with her, but he’s also hiding something. And it has everything to do with the off-limits room in his apartment.

Jera pours all her confusion and longing into her drum kit, which pays off when her band lands the record deal of their dreams. Except just like Jacob, it might be too good to come without a catch.

She doesn’t know if her music is good enough to attract a better contract, or if she’s enough to tempt a man like Jacob to give up his secrets, even if they could fix her problems between the sheets. But if this rocker girl is too afraid to bet on herself, she might just end up playing to an empty house.

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Copyright © 2017 Michelle Hazen

“If this is about sex, here’s the thing: I like sex. Every kind of sex. And I can make it unbelievably good for you.” He says it without a hint of a blush, and no trace of arrogance. The temperature of my skin rockets up.

I swallow to combat my suddenly dry mouth. I really, really want to roll him on top of me and forget that no matter how hot he makes me, I’ll be left panting and straining and unfulfilled at the end.

I want to pretend I don’t know better.

“This isn’t a romance novel,” I tell Jacob. “It doesn’t work like that. You can’t just put on some Barry Manilow and call it making love, and be so gentle with me that my head explodes into a rain of fireworks. I tried all that, and it sucked.”

I push up to sitting, my eyes darting away from him as I rub one hand down my opposite arm. I hate how ugly it makes me feel to talk about this stuff.

“No matter how excited I get, I can’t finish. My ex tried to help me get over it, and it only made the whole thing worse for both of us.”

“Look, I get that. I listened to that shitty voicemail he left you. But it doesn’t have to go that way, Jera. Did you know that seventy-five percent of women have trouble experiencing orgasm through vaginal sex? Only fifteen percent of women have the same trouble once additional stimulation is provided.” He sits up too. “Have you tried toys? Even just a little booster like a vibrating cock ring? What about fetishes?”

I blink, at a loss.

“Fetishes can be really unique, and they are often biologically based,” he explains. “Not linked to trauma or anything weird. They’re incredibly powerful. You could have an insane gummy bear fetish or something and just have no idea that’s what you need to get excited. Have you read much erotica?”

My cheeks burn and if my mouth isn’t hanging open, it’s only because I’m too shocked to move.

“I might have done some research,” he admits.

“Oh really? I thought I accidentally hit play on my Sexual Dysfunction for Dummies audiobook. How are you not blushing right now?”

“I like talking about sex.” He shrugs. “And it’s important to you. Of course I want to know as much as I can. Besides, I’m an engineering major. Taking things apart and figuring out how they work is kind of what we do.”

That pulls a reluctant smile from me, because that is insanely nerdy but also sweet, and more than a little embarrassing. I don’t even want to see all the ways I’ve besmirched his browser history.

The Inspiration Behind A Cruel Kind of Beautiful: 

So, where did I first get the inspiration to write A Cruel Kind of Beautiful?

I knew I wanted to write about love, but I didn’t want to do anything that had been done before, which is pretty close to impossible. But I thought about love stories and was like, what never happens in romance novels? Bad sex. LOL That’s what never happens. Not that I wanted the hero to be bad in bed but more like, what happens if you fall in love with the right guy, but you’re not so great in the sack and you don’t know how to fix that?

I started doing research for this book and found out—to my great horror—that there are very very many women who don’t have orgasms during sex, or even during foreplay. The numbers are so bad I really want to just start passing out vibrators. I didn’t necessarily want to write about a woman who has physiological problems and needs surgical intervention or anything. But I wanted to write a love story for all the women whose physiology is just fine, but they just didn’t realize how good sex can be.

When this book starts out, Jera’s confidence has been pretty much hulk-smashed by her misadventures between the sheets. Which especially sucks for her because she’s in a rock band and the music world just seethes with sexual tension. Both her bandmates are ah-hem…very sexual men. And watching how much fun they have only makes her feel worse.

Basically, I wrote the redheaded stepchild of romance novels. I was pretty sure nobody would want to read a book where the girl starts out sucking at sex, but I’ve been shocked at the positive response. Also, I wanted to write about rock stars, but not ones who were already famous. I wanted to write about all the icky, soul-crushing stuff that happens as you try to claw your way to the top, and I wanted to write not about the lead singer, but about the drummer. A female drummer. It’s been fantastically fun. I had a great time writing a wretched sex scene for CKB, and a then a really hot sex scene where the girl can’t orgasm. What a challenge!

But those ideas were all just disconnected thoughts. CKB as a book didn’t come to be until Jera started speaking in my head, dictating the whole first chapter. She told me there was going to be a broken window, and once she told me a really atrocious sweatsuit was going to be involved, I was hooked.

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About Michelle Hazen:

Michelle Hazen is a nomad with a writing problem. Years ago, she and her husband ducked out of the 9 to 5 world and moved into their truck. As a result, she wrote most of her books with solar power in odd places, including a bus in Thailand, a golf cart in a sandstorm, and a beach in Honduras. Currently, she’s addicted to The Walking Dead, hiking, and Tillamook cheese.

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