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Review: Take Down (Blood and Glory #2) by Harper St. George & Tara Wyatt

The second novel in the sizzling Bloody and Glory series—perfect for fans of Katy Evans’s REAL series and Sidney Halston’s Worth the Fight series—reveals that fighting for your heart is sometimes the only way to beat the demons in your soul.

MMA champion Gabriel “The Sandman” Maddox prefers to live his life quietly and intensely. He plays by the rules, respects the sport, and trains harder than any other fighter. It’s this unwavering focus that helps him block out the pain from a devastating loss in his past. He spends his days slaying his monsters in the octagon, and his evenings numbing himself with sexual conquests. With his painful baggage, he’s not looking for anything beyond his no-strings-attached lifestyle.

But journalist Megan Sinclair won’t leave him alone. She’s intensely drawn to Gabe from the moment she meets him, and wants to know more about the secretive man who both intrigues her and makes her heart race. As she gets to know the quiet, brooding fighter, she realizes that giving in to their intense chemistry could mend her scars. Will these two be able to heal each other, or will ghosts from the past keep them apart?

My Review

“All your training builds to this one moment where you’re not simply a human anymore. That all falls away and what you’re left with is a single-minded purpose. To be the best, to beat the other guy, to vanquish your opponent. To be victorious, at any cost. In that moment in the cage, nothing else matters.”

“He liked the idea or her belonging to him. It fed something primal inside him that he hadn’t even know existed.”

“Somehow she’d found something in him worth loving. He wanted to be that man for her. He didn’t know if it was possible, but, after living in survival mode all this time, it was a start.”

Fun, Sexy and a whole lot of Thrilling! Take Down is fast paced and the story sucks you in from the very first page. I fell in love with Gabe and Megan instantly and was excited to see how their story would go. I am a total sucker for those sex only arrangements that you know will turn into more. I love a good second chance romance and this one kept me glued to the pages.

Take Down is very well written and very hard to put down. Gabe and Megan gave me a run for my money. I was totally intrigued by both of them. They were both haunted by demons of the past and were both broken by things they could not change…The chemistry between Gabe and Megan was intense and just begged to be explored. There was so much more to these characters than meets the eye and they both had so much to give if only they’d be willing to open themselves up to more. I enjoyed watching Gabe and Megan navigate their way through all the things. Their push and pull led to some seriously sexy moments and some delicious angst.

Overall, I really enjoyed Take Down. This story intrigued me, captivated me and kept me begging for more. I enjoyed the plot and fell in love with the characters. Overall a terrific read and very enjoyable second chance romance. This is my first book by this duo and look forward to checking out more from them in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via the publisher & NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

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