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Review: Bourbon Deceit (Bourbon #2) by Meghan Quinn

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The walls of my club hold many secrets. Depravity. Sin. Justice.
Come in; debauchery can be yours for the cost of a lap dance and a night of pleasure.
And I own every last part of it.
But she’s my weakness, and thankfully she followed me through the insolvent streets of New Orleans, giving me her loyalty and her heart.
My desire for her dominates my every thought, but my broken past could destroy us.
There are people trying to bring me down.
Two malicious men stand in the way of what I want: to own it all.
It’s either Lot 17 or Goldie, my Jett Girl.
I have to make a choice and for once, it won’t be easy.


My Review

“I wasn’t looking at the strong man who dominated the bedroom and exuded confidence everywhere he went, no, instead I was staring into the eyes of a confused and lost man who looked like his heart was breaking in half.”

“You have my gut and mind all twisted together from the way your breath caresses my skin. You make my heart beat faster and my brain slow down, Jett. There is not stopping it when you’re around me.”

Ahhh!!! What a terrific read!! Bourbon Deceit picks up right where Bourbon Sins left off and boy does it ever take you for a crazy ride. Bourbon Deceit is fast paced, sexy and intriguing as ever. There are secrets and lies and danger in the air. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and I was powerless to keep from devouring it.

Jett and Goldie have stolen my heart and I know I will never get enough of the two of them. Their pull and connection is intense. They are devoted to each other and Jett will do anything to protect Goldie. Jett and Goldie have a lot of obstacles to overcome on their journey to happily ever after, but I for one can’t help but root for these two lost souls. I just love the two of them together. I love how Goldie has thawed out Jett’s black heart and I can not wait to see where their story is going to go….

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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