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Waiting For Wednesday…….Hallelujah Rising by Paula Marinaro

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This week’s Waiting for Wednesday goes to Paula Marinaro and Hallelujah Rising!! While this book is the fifth in the series, it is written and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.

My friends and I have have been Buddy Reading this series as each new book comes out and we are all thrilled and excited to see what author Paula Marinaro has in store for us this time.

“It’s crowded places that I find difficult. And places where there’s too much noise or too much quiet.I’m afraid of the dark, too. Oh, and really, really bright light. So basically, it’s everything. I’m afraid of everything.”
Hells Saint soldier, Hallelujah Thomas, would never forget those words or the woman who said them. Brave, Beautiful and Bad-ass—the mob boss’s daughter was everything Hal expected her to be and many things he hadn’t.

Valentina Abruzzi
“I’m afraid of everything”— as soon as those words were out of Valentina’s mouth she knew she shouldn’t have said them, but she just couldn’t seem to think straight when Hal was around. So, of course, Valentina didn’t let that bad decision stop her from making another one. If she had not been driven by a strong desire to see Hal again—if she had allowed herself to take just one moment for clarity of thought— Valentina would not have chosen a wild biker party to test the waters of her still fragile mind.
The bitch of it is—that it always comes too late.

Amidst a backdrop of violence, death, and destruction, Hallelujah Thomas and Valentina Abruzzi struggle to find redemption for themselves— and for each other.

This is the fifth installment of the Amazon Bestselling series by Paula Marinaro. All the books in the series have been written to be enjoyed as stand-alones as well.

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