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Release Blitz with Review: Crazy Girl by BN Toler

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Release Blitz Crazy Girl by BN Toler


Romance author Hannah Bircham had made it. She was living the dream; a successful writing career, a loving husband, and dream home. Life couldn’t get better.
But it could get worse.
And it did.
The dream ended. And life as she knew it took a turn into Destitute City, party of one. Divorced, lost, and worst of all, a neurotic anxiety-ridden mess, Hannah’s focus and admirations disappeared. Feeling down on her luck, Hannah lost her mojo, her gift of writing.
How did one write about love when they’d stopped believing in it?
Hannah could either make up the perfect muse, or make it her mission to meet him. She just needed a little push. With encouragement from her best friend, Hannah decided to join a dating app, convinced she wouldn’t find Mr. Forever, but maybe, at the very least, she’d find her inspiration.
A muse.
Enter Wren Marner.
The complicated, sexy alpha veteran with his trunk of accomplishments and adventures walked, talked, and looked as if he’d just stepped out of a sultry romance novel. He was every woman’s fantasy and at the same time, the man one knew they should stay away from.
Filled with equal parts fear and fascination, Hannah threw caution to the wind, but what she experienced terrified her like never before.
Still, she forged forward.
But with all the wonder of Wren also came a reality Hannah didn’t know how to handle. She told herself he was merely work, but the truth was she was falling for him. And that couldn’t happen. But walking away from him wasn’t possible either, when he was her muse.
With her future on the line, she had to decide: As she entered the next chapter in her life, did she delve deeper with Wren in hopes of saving her career, or run in hopes of saving her heart?

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My Review

“My life had crashed, and I was standing amidst the wreckage watching it slowly burn to ash.”

“He’s a different breed than me. He scares me. But I want him.”

“Passion’s reckless in its existence. It defies rules. It dances on the edge of all reason. Passion rises even in the midst of chaos when everything feels lost and hopeless. It doesn’t care what is right or wrong….it just is.”

“Sometimes life was like a puzzle, the many people we encounter scattered pieces that we fit together creating the bigger picture. Every once in a while, the round edges of one of those pieces are frayed and they don’t exactly fit smoothly, but they find a place within your life, even though they never blend flawlessly into it.”

Crazy Girl is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Wren and Hannah. At one time, Hannah had the perfect life. She had everything that she could ever dream of. That is until one day, it was all taken away. Hannah is anxious, lost, a shell of the woman she used to be. Her confidence is gone and so is her creative mojo. She’s stuck and doesn’t know how to get that spark back. It isn’t until her friend convinces her to try dating again that Hannah finally feels some hope. If anything, maybe this experience will get her creative juices flowing again. What she didn’t plan on was meeting Wren. When we first meet Wren, he is picture of perfection. He’s sexy, alpha, adventurous and has an exciting job. But, as we get to know Wren, we discover that while he is all those amazing things, Wren is also broody, complex, weird and even a bit standoffish. Both characters have complex pasts that have broken and shaped them into the people that they’ve become. Wren terrifies Hannah, but can’t deny the pull that she feels to him…..

I thought Crazy Girl was an interesting read. I found the plot to be intriguing and saw the characters as puzzles that I couldn’t wait to solve. Hannah was an interesting character to me. At times, I found her easy to relate to because let’s face it, we’ve all been the crazy girl once or twice before, letting our insecurities rule our actions. She was untrusting due to her past and lacked confidence. I thought that Wren was a good match for her because even though I felt that these two were totally wrong for each other, Wren didn’t take any of Hannah’s crap. He basically made her open up her eyes and deal with her issues.

I did however have some issues with this story. I feel like I never really got a clear picture as to what exactly happened to Hannah in the past. I feel like not knowing the full story made it hard for me to connect with and understand Hannah at times. I desperately wanted to know more. What made her this hot mess of a woman? And Wren…He was equally frustrating. I didn’t like that he was always referring to Hannah’s behavior as “crazy” because I honestly don’t think she was. Her behavior was never over the top, but more like think before you speak if that makes sense. To be totally honest, I don’t really understand why Wren and Hannah were even a couple. They had such a love/hate relationship, with the hate ruling more than anything. At times, I felt like they were toxic together and wondered to myself why they would bother putting up with each other. They were so wrong for one another, but somehow made it work. Despite my issues with them, I will say that they did have some great sexual chemistry, which I enjoyed, but at the end of the day, they just left me wanting more.

For me, Crazy Girl is one of those reads that I didn’t love, but I didn’t hate either. While there were plenty of moments that frustrated me to no end, there were some beautiful emotional moments as well. Moments that brought tears to my eyes and made me glad that I picked up this book and gave it a chance.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


Sipping my coffee, I grinned as Wren and Kegs debated about which female superhero would win if they faced off, She-Ra or Wonder Woman. They seemed to like the same kind of things, but not when it came down to the specifics.
“Wonder Woman can fly,” Kegs argued.
“She-Ra has the sword of protection and He-Man is her brother.” Wren shook his head, his face twisted as he raised a hand in confusion—like how could Kegs not see how obvious it was? “Dude, it’s a no-brainer,” he added.
Kegs scoffed, making me chuckle. They were really into this debate. Raising his hand, Kegs began ticking off a list of Wonder Woman’s advantages, “Bro, Wonder Woman is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, she has longevity, and super-human strength.” He flopped back in his seat as if he’d just put the whole thing to rest, but then popped back up, widening his eyes. “The lasso of truth, dude. Boom!” He laughed and pretended like he was dropping a mic on the ground. Wren chuckled as he stared down at his phone, his thumb moving over the screen appearing to be texting. Dropping his phone in his lap, he turned his head and looked at Kegs who was grinning, waiting for Wren to admit defeat.
“She-Ra was the alter ego of Princess Adora, which means she had multiple personalities, which means she was crazy,” Wren pointed out with an air of profoundness. “Crazy is a superpower.” Kegs laughed as Wren cut his gaze to me, a smirk on his face. I glared at him, pretending to be insulted by his comment since he constantly told me I was crazy, even though I thought he was somewhat amusing.
“You have a point, man,” Kegs agreed. I rolled my eyes. Men.
I opened my mouth to say something snarky when my phone vibrated. Taking it out, I was surprised to see I had a text from Wren.
Wren: You look gorgeous today.

I couldn’t stop the grin that exploded across my face after reading it. Ugh, what was wrong with me? I was such a girl. I was being one of those women…the ones that acted like little school girls when a boy said something nice to them. Tucking my phone back in my purse, I glanced up at him, the same dumb grin still on my face because it just wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard I tried to make it.
His gaze was fixed on mine. I rolled my eyes at him. Eye rolling was my forte.
He tilted his head, smirking. Don’t roll your eyes at me, woman.
I bit my lip, trying to stop myself from laughing. I shimmied my head in a talk-to-the-hand way. Don’t tell me what to do. We had a conversation without saying a word.
Kegs was oblivious to all of this because he admitted defeat in the She-Ra vs. Wonder Woman debate. “Okay, man. She-Ra might have the slightest advantage.”
We couldn’t help it. Wren and I chuckled because he had completely missed the moment that transpired between us.



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