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Subversion (One Bright Future #2) by Melinda Friesen

Publisher:  Rebelight Publishing

Publication Date:  August 31, 2016

“I surrender my days, my efforts, myself to the OneEarth Bank . . .”

After fleeing slavery, Rielle James burns with the desire to topple OneEarth Bank and end its enslavement of young people as Contracts. When she learns that her friend Nathan has been sold to a logging company where Contracts die or vanish without a trace, she assumes a false identity and becomes a slave again to help him escape.

Her act of subversion uncovers the horrific truth behind the OneEarth Bank’s role in Contract disappearances and its link to a global pandemic.

Can Rielle and Nathan escape and expose the truth before it’s too late?



Outside, I ensure the coast is clear before I jog into the forest. About thirty feet in, I turn north 
toward the restricted area and walk through the woods parallel to the path, skirting trees and ferns. Just 
outside the northernmost point of the camp, I reach the infirmary. Thistles jut out of the ground around 
its foundation. I tuck myself under the eaves and peer around the side into the distance. The restricted 
sign shouts its warning, and a chain link gate guards the narrow roadway beyond. A fence pushes 
through the underbrush on either side of the gate and disappears into the woods. 
I stick to the edge of the clearing in front of the infirmary, dashing from tree to tree for 
concealment. I hike up the slope, estimating the minutes I have left before the drones come out. I climb 
the hill until I see dim light reflected off a fence just ahead. Squatting behind a fern, I strain my eyes to 
peer at what’s beyond. More trees. 
I follow the fence farther. Still nothing. No buildings. No guards. Just more damned trees. I hop 
over ferns and climb over moss-covered fallen trees. An unnaturally straight outcropping creates a 
and then drop to my haunches beneath evergreen boughs. I peer between the wires. A cracked concrete 
structure juts out from the underbrush and cuts into the sloping side of the mountain. Saplings sprout 
beside rusted steel doors leading who-knows-where. Judging by the decayed concrete, the structure has 
been around far longer than the logging camp. But it can’t be all that’s up here. There has to be more 
hidden by the forest. I’ll have to get over the fence— 
A bird squawks and dives. My heart jumps into my throat. I throw my hand over my racing heart.  
Stupid bird.  
Something scuffles in the woods behind me. I slowly stand, listening. I peer into the dark, 
beyond the ferns, and a breeze raises goose bumps on my arms. Something rustles and thumps like 
footfalls, closer this time. A stick snaps.  
Someone’s coming. 
I lunge behind a thick fir tree and press myself against it. I pull in a deep breath, hold it and 
listen. More footsteps. 
I need an excuse for being here . . . I’m just taking a walk.  
Up here? Why? 
I saw a rabbit and I followed it. 
No, that story’s been done. If I’m very, very quiet, they’ll go away. They’ll assume they saw an 
animal. I hold my body tense and listen.  
Did they leave? I venture a slow, careful peek around the tree. Beneath the canopy of branches, 
it may as well be midnight. Nobody seems to be out there, but I can’t see much other than fern fronds 
waving in the wind.  
Was I just hearing things? 
A figure steps out from behind a tree, and my heart leaps into my throat. 

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“One world. One currency. One bright future.”

That’s the promise made by OneEarth Bank after a global economic collapse–but only for those who accept the insertion of a commerce chip.

When Rielle’s parents refuse to comply, government officials tear her family apart. As punishment for her parent’s crimes, Rielle is forced into a Community Service Contract–a legalized form of slavery–and sold to a wealthy, abusive banker.

The Banker’s secrets hold the key to Rielle’s freedom, but will she risk prison or even death to escape and search for her family?


Buy Links:  Amazon | Barnes & Noble | TBD | IndieBound

Melinda Friesen writes novels for teens and short stories. Her contest winning short stories have appeared in various periodical and an anthology. Enslavement, book one in the One Bright Future series, is her first novel.

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Giveaway Details:

Two (2) winners will received a physical copy of Subversion by Melinda Friesen (US/Canada)

Five (5) winners will receive a digital copy of Subversion by Melinda Friesen (INT)

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