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Blog Tour: Just One Spark by Jami Wagner

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Today we have the blog tour for JUST ONE SPARK by Jami Wagner! Check out this fantastic new book and grab your copy April 12th!

Just One Spark

Title: Just One Spark

Author: Jami Wagner

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Just One Spark:

All Beth Moyer wanted was a one-night stand, an evening to relax and cut loose before she went to work at her new grown-up job. Instead, all she got was a few minutes that left her mortified and another reason why you can never trust a man.

Maverick Mitchell is ready to prove he’s learned from his mistakes and move forward. But before it’s time to buckle down, one last fling won’t hurt. Or so he thought. On the first day of his new start, the feisty redhead he met over the weekend is the first person he sees.

An office romance isn’t the smartest idea. Sneaking around is an even worse one, but neither can deny the fire that has sparked between them. Considering Beth and Maverick are competing for the same position and only one will be offered the job, they can only hope that every choice they’ve made doesn’t end up in flames.

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“You’re joking, right?” He takes the phone form my hand and looks over the screen. “You should know better than anyone at our office that I did not send this email.”

            “Why should I believe you? We’re not even close to being at the same level for this job. You have your secrets and I don’t ask you to reveal them. But the fact you don’t share them with me is all the more reason to doubt you right now.”

            “Beth, come on, you know who sent this. He’s the one person who wants both of us to fail more than anything.”


            The moment he puts the idea in my head, I know he’s right. But I still say the first thing that comes to mind.

            “Or it has something to do with why you are here and not working for your dad anymore and you keep using Austin as an excuse.”       

            All right, so that last part was just me spouting bullshit because I’m mad. Austin handles making himself look bad all on his own.

            “Well, well, well, what do we have here?”

            Speak the devil’s name and he shall appear.

            “I’m not sure which one of you made the choice for this, but my father is headed this way right now and I don’t expect that he will be too pleased. This is a family event, after all.” The satisfied tone in Austin’s voice makes me want to vomit.

            “Get them off the stage right now,” I tell him. He laughs in my face.

            “Austin, just do it,” Maverick says. He sighs, clearly over this game his cousin is trying to play.

            “What’s going on here?” Mr. Mitchell asks as he steps up to join us.

            “I was just saying the same thing, Father. I’m escorting the women off stage this instant since neither of these two have taken the initiative yet.” Austin moves to gather up the girls and then he shows them down the stairs. His father has his back to them now so he isn’t able to catch the sight of Austin placing his hand on one woman’s ass as his head falls back with a laugh. He’s such a pig.

            “I’d expected better from the two of you,” he says.

            “Sir, it was a complete mix-up,” Maverick begins.

            “I don’t want to hear it. All I care about is this running smoothly and our client seeing an improvement in popularity. Let’s hope your little mishap doesn’t cost us this contract.” He eyes Maverick. “You can’t afford to have that happen twice within six months.”

            What? Now I really want to know why Maverick is here.

            “Yes, sir,” is how Maverick answers. Mr. Mitchell walks away.

            “We will catch up later, okay?” he asks, not waiting for my answer before he hurries off after his uncle.

            I’m missing a major piece to Maverick’s story and if I’m not careful, his ending could ruin everything I have planned.

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About Jami:

Jami Wagner Author Photo

JAMI WAGNER was born in Wyoming. Still living in the Cowboy State, Jami and her husband are currently writing their own love story with their yellow Lab.

Jami enjoys writing New Adult and published her debut novella, Date in the Dark, in 2015. Her first full-length novel, Just One Kiss, was published in October 2015 and is the first book in her Black Alcove series. The next three in the series, Just One Night, Just One Touch, and Just One Moment are available now.

Visit and connect with Jami at, on Facebook at, on Twitter at @Jami_Wagner, or on Instagram at @JAMIWAGNER_.

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