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Review: Intimate Strangers by Stephanie Rose

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Emilia (Mia) Callo was a go-getter who played by the rules. After one night with a gorgeous stranger, she broke her lifelong habit of playing it safe and moved from New York City to St. Helena, California. As the new head of Event Planning for Ryo Wines, the success she always dreamed of is within her grasp. Too bad her one lapse in judgment followed her—and could ruin everything. Mia couldn’t mix pleasure with business, no matter how much Derek Marconi’s bedroom eyes begged her for a repeat.

Derek Marconi is done trying to prove himself. Working his fingers to the bone as sales manager for DeLuca Wines got him nowhere with nothing to show for it. Working for his cousin’s winery sounded like the perfect opportunity, until the blonde that’s been racing through his mind became his new boss. He didn’t imagine the instant connection they had, no matter how much Mia now fights to forget. Now Derek has a new job and a new goal—to make her remember for a lot longer than one night.

**This novella is part of Marina Adair’s St. Helena Vineyard Kindle World Series**


My Review

“We weren’t strangers anymore. We were two people who wanted each other so much and had waited so long, all that mattered was the moment. And in that moment, there was no job, no dread over repercussions. There was only us, as though it had only been us all along.”

A new novella from Stephanie Rose!! Sign me up please!! As soon as I heard about this little novella, I just knew that I had to read it.

Now, if you know me, then you know that when it comes to novellas, my reviews are always short and sweet. I like to keep them that way, so I don’t spoil the story for you. So, what can I tell you about Intimate Strangers? Well, I thought Intimate Strangers was a lot of fun. I fell for Mia right away. I loved how ambitious she was and how seriously she took her job. And Derek…Derek was burnt out and always working so hard to prove himself to others. The moment he met Mia, he just knew that she was going to be a total game-changer…

Derek and Mia’s story is definitely one of insta-love, but I have to say, I loved their connection. Their chemistry was intense and undeniable. I don’t know about you guys, but I honestly couldn’t read the pages fast enough. I loved the push and pull between these two and I loved how hard Derek worked to convince Mia to take a chance. Sure, these two had a few bumps along the way, but it was so much fun watching and wondering how things were going to play out.

Intimate Strangers was a super quick and easy read for me. And even though Derek and Mia’s story is a novella, I promise you, it packs a punch. There is never a dull moment and the romance is definitely worth experiencing.  Stephanie Rose did an amazing job with this little novella!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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