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Review: Dollars (Dollar #2) by Pepper Winters


My Review

“She was mine in both possession and obligation.”

“Nakedness had been used as a weapon against me. To strip me bare; to teach me I had nothing of my own–no value but the skin I lived in. My body was the only thing I would ever call mine, but in that simplicity I found power. I never had to suffer ropes or chains made out of silk or velvet. Never had to suffocate in elastic or zippers. I was free.”

“Elder Prest was the most dangerous man I’d ever known. Not because he could kill me whenever he chose, but because he had the power to steal so much more than just my life. He could steal my heart.”

Ever since I finished Pennies, I have been waiting, dying to know what happened next. I was on pins and needles and had sooooo many questions that I could not wait to get answered. So, you can bet when I got my hands on Dollars, I dropped everything I was doing. That’s right. I dropped everything.

Dollars picks up right where Pennies left off. Pim is a shell of a woman and is damaged in ways you can’t even imagine. For once in Pim’s life she is safe and sheltered. She is given a chance to heal, to recover. She is given a chance to be a woman….If only it were that easy. Trusting and believing that she is safe is not an easy feat. She is so broken and so defeated. And then there is Elder. There are so many questions surrounding him. Who is this man? What is his ultimate agenda? Will he help or will he break Pim?

There is a chemistry and connection between Pim and Elder. It is unknown and shocking to both. But, it is there and it is slow building. They are both trying to fight it and at the same time trying to fight their true selves…

For me, Dollars was a fantastic read. It was slow building and intriguing. After the chaos and intensity of Pennies, I think this book was just what we needed. To me, Dollars is a story of rebirth, healing and finding strength. It is building towards a second chance at life and maybe even at love.

Pim and Elder’s story has once again thrilled me and intrigued me. I am once again left with a lot of burning questions that I will be impatiently awaiting the answers to. I look forward to getting my hands on the next book in this series and seeing just how Pim and Elder’s story will continue to unravel. Until then, all I can tell you to do is sit back and enjoy the ride….

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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