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Release Blitz with Review: Low Over High (The Over Duet #1) by J.A. DeRouen


Low Over High (The Over Duet #1)

Cover Design: DCP Designs

Release Date: November 14, 2016


I fancy myself a purveyor of truth, a sifter of lies, a cutter of bullshit. It’s not a gift, but rather, all skill, honed to a razor’s edge after one too many trips down the rabbit hole.

Some may dismiss my talent as misplaced and misguided cynicism, but they’d be wrong. Cliches about hope and faith in mankind are concocted unicorn farts, an effort to keep the dreamers dreaming. Experiences don’t lie—people do.

While I’m not proud of the circumstances that led me to this way of thinking, I respect the journey. The road to enlightenment can be dark and foreboding, but the destination makes it all worthwhile.

But funny thing about the past—it’s a defiant child refusing to stay in time out. No matter how deeply buried, it can always pop up when least expected, and sink its fucking claws into the flesh of your heart. No, not my heart—I no longer have one. I foolishly gave it away years ago, but I still feel the ripping in my chest as I fist the crumpled note left on my porch.

I’ve avoided this day, ran from it, for the past eight years.

And still we meet again.

But to truly understand … to feel my dread and fear my future as I do, it’s important to know what happened in my past.

Or who…

My name is Marlo Rivers, and this is my story of corrupted love.

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My Review

“The road to enlightenment can be dark and foreboding, but the destination makes it all worthwhile.”

“Sometimes the idea of something amazing, the promise of what’s to come, can sting twice as badly as an outright rejection.”

“Kissing Ever is like breaking the surface of the ocean. Legs kicking, arms flailing, and then that precious moment when air rushes into your lungs, giving you the one thing you need the most. Yeah, kissing Ever is just like that.”

The wait is finally over!! I have been impatiently waiting for something new to read by JA DeRouen and my prayers have finally been answered. Low Over High is a fantastic coming of age/enemies to lovers story. This story is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Marlo and Ever. From the moment I met Marlo, I was intrigued by her story. I wanted to know more about this girl….

One of things I really loved about this story, was that it was told in past and present tense; mostly past tense. We get to see what happened to Marlo and get to experience things as she has. We get to meet the sexy, broody Ever who on the outside seems like a total jerk, but once you get to know him and I mean really know him, there is so much more to him than meets the eye. You can’t stop your heart from aching for him and the events that transpire. And Marlo…her life isn’t all sunshine and roses either and I think that’s why I enjoyed her with Ever as much as I did. Their chemistry was intense, but they balanced one another so well. They both were damaged and had baggage of their own. And once they opened their eyes, they could see just how right for one another they were….

Now, I know I’ve been kinda vague with my review and my overall feelings for this book and that is simply because I don’t want to spoil anything. I want you to feel and experience this book for yourself. I want you to rage, be angry and get frustrated. I want you to swoon and fall head over heels in love. I want your heart to feel like it’s being ripped out of you, but I want you to still hold out for hope. Yes, I want you to do and feel all of these things by going in blind and reading this book on your own…I will tell you that this book does deal with some very tough subject matter, but as always, JA DeRouen has handled it in a very respectful way that will make you feel and just see how real and raw these characters are.

Low Over High is incredibly well written and took me one fantastic journey. This story does end with a bit of a cliffy, and I promise you, it is a good one. One that will have you sitting here wishing you had it on your kindle right away! But, the good news is, we only have to wait a few short months to have it in our hands. And if there is one thing that I know for certain, it will certainly be worth the wait…

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


Kissing Ever is like breaking the surface of the ocean. Legs kicking, arms flailing, and then that precious moment when air rushes into your lungs, giving you the one thing you need the most. Yeah, kissing Ever is just like that.

When his teeth lightly tug on my bottom lip, he owns me. I swear, my shirt almost flies off of its own accord.

Of course, I keep my cool despite his lovely lips … sort of. His tongue slides gently against mine, and I inch closer to him. He pulls away to taste my upper lip, and I grip his shirt with both hands. Maybe my hands slide under the shirt to touch his hot skin, but only an inch or two. When he lets out a long sigh, and his fingers brush the sides of my cheeks just so, I slide my legs between his. I want to pull his ribs loose and burrow deep inside of him, and even then, I’m not sure if it’s close enough.

He slows the kiss, still tasting me, sucking my lips, teasing me with his tongue. When I open my eyes, he’s right there with me, hazy eyes and parted lips. I run a hesitant finger over the freckles on his nose, and he runs his thumb across my swollen mouth. I finger his hair, tugging playfully, and he kisses my dimple, poking me with his tongue.

We explore each other slowly, thoroughly, and my thumb runs over his stomach to the thin line of hair trailing below his belly button. He shivers, and I swear the bulge pushing into the back of my thigh isn’t a banana in his pocket. It makes me feel powerful—that I can turn him on that way. This is the first time I can remember wanting that power. Boy’s erections were always a nuisance to me in the past.

He doesn’t expect me to do something with that, does he? Nuh-uh.

Let me be clear, those are not the thoughts running through my mind as I bend my knee and push my thigh more firmly into Ever’s hard-on. Not even close.

His hips raise to my pressure, and he drops his forehead to mine with a long sigh.

“I knew kissing you would be good, Low, but that was … I don’t know what that was,” he says with a chuckle, stealing another kiss.

“We should try it again. You know, figure it out.”

And we do.


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About the Author

J.A. DeRouen lives in South Louisiana with her husband, son (aptly named “The Professor), and her furry friend, Scout. She holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and nursing.

When she’s not writing or inhaling romance novels by the stack, she works as a women’s health nurse. She’s been an avid reader and daydreamer since childhood, and she’s never stopped turning the page to get to the next happily ever after.

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