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Review: Serenading The Shadows by Jodie Larson


No one should have their life planned out at the age of three. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Adrienne Carmichael. Paving the way as the “piano prodigy” was all her parents wanted… Only she didn’t.

All she wished for was to be normal, to be a regular teenager and everything that came with it–including the decisions that would shape her life.

Wish granted.

Ten years later, scarred and broken, she knows that being alone isn’t everything she imagined. The piano is finally everything, except nobody will ever hear her play again.

All that changes when a sexy-as-sin rock god blows into her life. Tall and tattooed with jet-black hair and a dangerous bad boy smile… he’s every girl’s fantasy.

To her, he’s a distraction, yet Kade Evans is everything she shouldn’t want.

Instinct tells her to run, but she can’t get him out of her mind.

But maybe, just maybe, he can be the one to pull her from the shadows before the darkness swallows her…for good.

My Review

“Live for today. Live for tomorrow. Just live.”

“Something changed the moment I saw you, and I knew then that you were special. I want to learn everything about you, but you’ve got to meet me halfway.” “Don’t shut me out before I can even get in.”

“I don’t want to crash and burn, but when I’m around Kade, all I can think about is the fall.”

This is one of those books that will have you kicking yourself, wondering why you haven’t read anything by this author before. Serenading the Shadows is well written and will steal your heart from the very first page. This is one of those books that when you start reading, you just get a feeling, a feeling that you are reading something full of heart and truly special. Serenading the Shadows is such a refreshing read. The characters not only capture your heart, but they become a part of you. They are so easy to connect with that after you spend just a few minutes with them, you will be dying to know more.

Adrienne’s story gripped me from the moment I read the prologue. Her story just broke my heart and had me aching to see how her life turned out. Her past changed her in so many ways and her fears kept her from experiencing all the good that life had to offer. Kade was everything that she never knew she needed. He brought her back to life and made her open her eyes. I loved watching her character grow and change along with the story. Her journey was intense and emotional, but so worth it.

Kade is without a doubt one of my favorite heros. He is a rock star bad boy that checks off all the marks. He is 100% alpha male and possessive over whats his. When he falls in love, he is all in. He is also incredibly patient and understanding and that makes him the perfect book boyfriend. With lines like this: “I want more from you than just your smoking hot body. I want inside that amazing brain of yours, to see what makes you tick and listen to all your secrets and dreams. More importantly, I want to make music with you because that’s who you really are, whether you want it to be true or not.”, it is truly impossible to not swoon over this man. I kid you not, I could spend all day swooning over this character and never tire of it.

Serenading the Shadows is my first book by this author and boy, I am just blown away. This book has it all and is just written with so much love and so much heart. Jodie Larson has done an amazing job balancing out the romance and drama. She has given us a beautiful and swoon worthy love story. Adrienne’s story is not an easy one and I’m not gonna lie, she is going to frustrate you at times, but I promise you her journey is so worth the ride.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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