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Review: Wicked Little Words by Stevie J Cole & BT Urruela


Edwin Allen Mercer
I want them all to read my words. And they do. Every last blood-stained sentence, they’ve read and praised me for. They love the gore and violence, the realness. And I get a sense of power with it all because I know a secret: the victims in my books—they’re real and have all died on my table. And maybe that’s why the last book had such awful reviews. Murder is, after all, a dirty little thing. Some can stomach it. Others can’t. My answer to those reviews: find a woman to co-author with. To be the next pathetic character in my book. Pity she’s so pretty.

Miranda Cross
All I’ve ever wanted was to be successful as a writer so when I was offered the opportunity to co-author a book with my idol, EA Mercer, I jumped at the chance. He’s beautiful and a literary genius, but something about him makes my stomach knot. And maybe it’s my overactive imagination making my hairs stand on end when he walks up behind me.

After all, these wicked little words we’re typing are only fiction.
They’re only fiction…

My Review

“Once you’re inside my car, not a soul on this planet can save you. Your life is mine to take.”

“This is my hour. This is my calling. I am the God of fuck and I do the devil’s dirty work, and tonight, my wrath will be felt.”

As a lover of dark reads, I could not wait to get my greedy little hands on this book. Now, I’m gonna warn you, this book is definitely and I mean definitely not for the faint of heart. So, if you’re not a fan of dark reads or books that you have to read with the lights on then run, look the other way because this book is not for you.

Now, there is not much I am going to tell you because there is no way in hell I am going to spoil this book. All I’m going to say is get ready. Get ready for one intense, crazy, mind fuck of a ride. This book is going to shock you and surprise you. It is going to push your limits and take you way out of your comfort zone. This story is going to suck you in and hold your mind captive. It is going to intrigue you. There are going to be moments where you’re going to want to put this book down and walk away, but you won’t be able to make yourself do it because you’re going to want to see it through. You’re going to have to see how the story will end.

Wicked Little Words is a fantastic compilation between Stevie J. Cole and BT Urruela. The writing is flawless and did not feel like it was written by two different people. And while this book certainly pushed my limits, I have to tell you, I’m glad I picked it up. I think these two authors make an excellent team and I’m scared and excited to see what they will come up with next.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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