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Release Day Blitz with Review: The Other One by Jiffy Kate

Title: The Other One
Author: Jiffy Kate
Release Date: Oct 11, 2016
They are two strangers, struggling from day to day—one trying to overcome the past, while the other hides behind it.

Just when Tripp Alexander thinks he has everything figured out and nothing can stop him, a swift dose of reality plants his feet firmly on the ground. Maybe a little too close to six feet under.

Loren Jenson knows heartache. Circumstances from her past have tarnished her outlook on life, making her feel like her future has been pulled out from under her. That is, until a boy with deep green eyes and a shy smile falls into her life, bringing with him a connection she can’t deny.

Will they be able to trust enough to share their secrets and accept one another, despite what they’ve been through? Or will the truth about their pasts derail the chance fate has handed them?

How do you allow yourself to live out the life set before you when you are the other one?

My Review

“For the first time in a long time, I feel like the dark cloud that’s been hovering over me for so long is lifting. For once, something is going right in my life. Loren makes me feel like there’s a chance for normal. But she’s so far from normal. She is anything but. She’s extraordinary–a beautiful girl, with sad eyes, and hidden secrets–but she sees me, the real me, and she doesn’t run. She stays.”

No one does southern charm and second chance romances like the duo of Jiffy Kate. Their stories are witty, full of heart and utterly captivating.

The moment I read the first page of this book, I just knew that I was about to read something amazing and boy was I right. This story is heartbreaking and will have you dying to know what happened to Tripp and Lauren. Tripp’s life has been an absolute struggle for the past few years. An accident not only left him forever changed, but broken too. It’s eye opening and life changing and makes Tripp see that some things seriously need to change….Loren is no stranger to heartache and guilt. Her eyes are sad and tell so many stories…only she’s closed herself off from the possiblity of happiness. That is until she meets Tripp. There is just something about Tripp that calls to her. She can’t help but give into the connection she feels with him. Just when things are finally looking up for both Loren and Tripp, the rug will be pulled out from under the two of them one more time. They say the truth will set you free, but in this case the truth very well might just lead to heartache….

The Other One is a beautiful and heartbreaking story. It will pull you in from the very first page and will hold your heart hostage the entire time. Loren and Tripp’s story is not an easy one. Their story is real and easy to relate to. Loren and Tripp are both broken and dealing with a guilt neither really comprehends. I appreciated that Tripp and Loren really got to know one another before jumping into a relationship together. They had a strong foundation and friendship, so when they finally did get together, that made it all that much sweeter.

The Other One took my heart on a journey that it honestly was not prepared for. This is an amazing second chance romance. It is raw and real. It is a story of healing, forgiveness and finding peace. It is a story of true, real, unforgettable love. And I just loved getting lost in Tripp and Loren’s story….

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


From the belly of the kitchen, the chime on the front door can be heard, signaling a customer’s arrival.  It’s then I realize I’m still standing in the spot Wyatt left me. Everyone else is busy with their jobs, zipping around, oblivious to my presence. So, I turn my gaze to my feet and walk back through the swinging doors.
As I pass through to the dining area, movement catches my attention. Wanting a glimpse at what my job will be like, I pause; thinking a waiter or waitress will be coming any second. Turning my head just a little, I watch as a young woman slides into a booth, all the way to the inside as if she’s making room for someone to sit next to her. Her eyes are focused on the window, never looking down or at a menu, and I can’t help but stand there and stare at her.
A throat clears, making me jump, and I don’t know if I should feel relieved or embarrassed to see Wyatt standing behind me.
“She’s a regular,” he tells me, looking over at the same girl. “She comes in every Thursday and sits in that same booth, but she doesn’t order or say much. We just leave her be.”
“Okay,” I say as Wyatt leaves me standing. For some reason, my eyes are still on the girl. It seems like a strange thing for someone to do—come and sit at a café, but never order anything—but I’m sure she has her reasons, and to be honest, I’m happy to know I’ll have at least one easy customer.
I can do this.
As I head for the front door, I give my future non-customer one last glance. I expect her to continue staring out the window, so when she turns around and our eyes meet, it catches me off guard. My body freezes—not just because she makes eye contact or for the fact that she’s beautiful, but also because I don’t think I’ve ever seen eyes quite as sad as hers. They’re dark and deep and full of unshed emotion. Something about them—her—makes my heart clench. I haven’t had a reaction like this to a girl in a long time. The feeling practically levels me.
Quickly, I turn away, averting my gaze back to the floor and forcing my feet forward. The second my hand is on the doorknob, my pulse begins to race, and beads of sweat break out on my forehead, sure signs of a panic attack looming over me like a ticking time bomb.

In case you didn’t notice, there are two of us. 

We’re both from the south, one just a little further than the other.

Jiff was born and raised in Louisiana. She’s now living in Texas with her two teenagers and a bulldog named Georgia Rose. She loves purple and 80’s movies and geeking out at Comic Cons.

Jenny Kate was born and raised in Oklahoma. She’s the mom of a twelve-year-old and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Wrigley and Oliver. She also loves Kris Bryant, the Chicago Cubs and coffee.

Some people think we’ve been friends forever, but in reality, we’ve only known each other for five years. Four of those years, we’ve spent spinning tales and writing words. Our first published book, Finding Focus, was released in November 2015.

If you like a romance set in the south, then you’ll love our southern fried fiction with heart and soul.


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