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Review: Mad Sea by K. Webster

My Review

“You have no idea how different I am, Hail. I’m probably the worst kind of guy you could ever get wrapped up with. that should stop me. I should walk away and pretend I never saw you.” I frown at his words. “But I can’t. There’s something about you that calls to me. I’m different around you.”

“Do you feel it? It’s like your hand is wrapped around my heart. Gripping it. Owning it. I’m linked to you, Mad.”

Once again, K. Webster has proved that there is no genre she can’t write. This time, she tackles the paranormal/fantasy genre. Mad Sea might be a short story, but it packs a punch. I mean it has everything. There’s drama. There’s action. There’s romance. There is sexy good times. And a few good twists along the way. Yes, Mad and Hail are a case of insta-love. But, I hav to tell you, it works. The connection between these two is instant and fun to watch. And boy, did they ever steam up the pages together.

Mad Sea is a super quick and fun read. It’s a light read, but it checks off all of the boxes that I expect from a K. Webster read. My only complaint is that the story is over!!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this short story, in exchange for an honest review* 

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