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Review: Meant To Be Mine by Lisa Marie Perry

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Loving him was hard. Wanting him was so damn easy . . . Sofia Mercer may have been sick as a teen, but she’s no delicate flower. And she’s proven it by making it on her own and starting a new life away from the town that turned against her, away from the boy who broke her already fragile heart. But when her aunt Luz dies unexpectedly, leaving Sofia with a mountain of regrets and the keys to a quirky boutique, Sofia has no choice but to return to Cape Cod. Only, this new life in her old town comes with complications. Burke Wolf was Sofia’s first love-a relationship that burned bright and went up in flames. Seeing him again, Sofia can’t help but get caught up in that all-too-familiar tornado of passion and pain. He’s battled his own demons-that much is clear. But Sofia can’t afford to be careless with her heart . . . and loving Burke again might just break it completely.

My Review

“This is your second chance.The choice here is real easy. You can waste your second chance on a fairy tale or grow the hell up.”

“She was everything. Redemption, forgiveness, love. Everything he needed but wouldn’t dare ask for.”

Meant to Be Mine is a quick and easy read. It is well written and is a nice second chance romance. I thought the characters were a lot of fun, especially Sofia and Joss. I loved Sofia’s innocence and loved watching her step out of her norm and live her life. Joss was an amazing friend and she made me laugh quite a bit. I’d love to see more of her in the future.

Overall, this book was just ok for me. I adored Sofia. I felt bad for her because she had been through so much and experienced a lot of pain in her life. I admired her ability to return home and take on a new path in life despite the obstacles in her way. Burke frustrated me a lot. He was a complicated man with demons that still haunted him despite all the time that had passed. I didn’t really like how he was with Sofia. He frustrated me because he was constantly pushing Sofia away. I felt like his actions didn’t make a lot of sense and that he led her on a lot of the time. I didn’t really understand the connection/pull between the two of them. I understand and get that were friends when they were younger and that Sofia had always been in love with Burke. But, it just wasn’t working for me. It didn’t feel real. Yes, Burke and Sofia did have some chemistry and the few sexy times they shared were pretty steamy. But, I wanted more of a connection between them. I wanted to see what drew Sofia to Burke and why he was worth pursuing.

I think Meant to Be Mine is going to be one of those reads that is a hit for some and miss for others. For me, I thought it was ok. I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it either. I enjoyed the characters and the story-line. I think this series has a lot of potential, so I’d be open to reading more from this author in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via Forever (Grand Central Publishing) and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

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