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Review: Seared on my Soul by Cole Gibsen

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She’s so young, so full of life…

I couldn’t let her die…

Even if she made the world’s worst coffee.

Emily Garret never asked to be rescued, let alone by a walking JCrew ad whose idea of fun is probably managing his stock portfolio and watching the nightly news. Then again, she never thought she would wind upside-down in a ditch after a night having a little too much fun.

Reece Montgomery never planned on being anyone’s hero, especially the foul-mouthed, bleach-blonde barista from the local coffee shop. He thinks there’s more to Emily than her tattoos, and lip ring, but getting close means letting her into his past and meeting his ghosts.

And he’s not sure she’s ready for that battlefield.

My Review

“That’s the funny thing about dreams, sometimes they live on even when we don’t.”

“His eyes blaze with a dark hunger that sets every nerve in my body aflame. He wants me. Me. And it’s that look in his eyes–like I’m something to be desired–that makes me feel more beautiful than his words ever did.”

Seared on my Soul is a quick and easy read. It is definitely one that you can finish in one sitting. I loved the idea of this book. I loved the opposites attract quality to it. I feel it made the story a lot of fun and unique. I adored Reece from the moment I met him. He survived the war, but wasn’t really living his life. He held onto a lot of guilt and was dealing with some pretty heavy PTSD. It wasn’t until Emily entered the picture that he wanted to start living again. Emily was a tough character. I had a very love/hate relationship. She was young and very indecisive about her life direction. It wasn’t until she got into an accident and Reece entered her life, that she really started thinking about her life choices and the possiblity of making changes.

For the most part, I really enjoyed this story. I wanted to know more about the characters and was excited to see what happened next. I did however, struggle with Emily a bit. I felt that she was very childish at times. And while I understand that she’s young and didn’t have a lot of direction, I kept waiting for her to grow up. Now, that being said, she did grown on me as the story progressed. I loved how she handled Reece and how she was able to talk him down when he’d have a panic attack. The only other issue I had was some of the dialogue used when Emily and Reece would have sex. Now, this just might be me and that’s totally ok, but some of the descriptions made me want to cringe. There are just certain words and terminology that bother me, and this one particular instance did not work for me.

Other than those issues, I thought Seared on my Soul was a good read. This story does deal with some pretty tough subject matter and I applaud the author for the way that she handled it. I think this story had a good mix of angst, drama, romance and steam. This is my first book by this author and I think she’s got a lot of good potential. I would definitely be into reading something else from her in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via the publisher and NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review*

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