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Review: Heartbreaker by Melody Grace

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The new stand-alone HEA from New York Times bestselling author, Melody Grace!

They say that time heals a broken heart, but you try moving on when your ex is the most famous man on the planet.

Every time I walk down the street, there’s a billboard plastered with his gorgeous face: Finn McKay. Now he’s a drop-dead sexy rock star, but when I first knew him, he was just the boy from the wrong side of the tracks – and the first guy I ever loved. He broke my heart into a hundred pieces when he skipped town without saying goodbye – but now he’s back.

And he wants me.

I’m determined not to make the same mistakes twice, but the chemistry with Finn was always way too hot to ignore. He was the guy who had me sneaking out my bedroom window for just one more kiss, and breaking curfew parked by the riverbanks, steaming up his windows in the backseat of his car. The past five years have been good to him, real good, and between his dirty mind and that ‘I know how to make you scream’ smile, he’s breaking through my defenses all over again.

Maybe one last wild fling for old time’s sake is what I need to finally move on. But what happens when Finn wants more than my body?

This time he wants everything.

My Review

“I forgotten how it felt. The way he looked at me, the way his touch could make me forget my own name. I’d never felt something so wild and intoxicating, a rush that blotted out all reason and consequence, and just made me demand more, closer, now.”

“I’ll do anything for you, baby. Anything you want. I will love you until the end of the fucking world, but you don’t shut me out again. When I take you, I take all of you. Every last piece of you, body and soul.”

“There are no guarantees in love, only a leap of faith. Sometimes the answer is waiting. You just have to choose. This man. This moment. Forever.”

Melody Grace has done it again. She has once again created a beautiful heartwarming second chance romance that will leave you swooning and that will captivate your heart.

Told from dual points of view, Heartbreaker sucks you in from the very first page. From the moment we meet Finn and Eva, we have to know more. Eva and Finn shared a beautiful, but young love. They both had so many big dreams, but life had other plans. Finn believed the lies his father instilled in him and thought the only way he could make Eva happy, would be to leave her behind. And five years later, Finn will realize that leaving Eva behind was the worst thing he could have ever done. When Finn returns home for a much needed break, he’s only got one thing on his mind and that is seeing Eva. From the moment he sets eyes on her, it’s as if nothing has changed. His feelings for her are stronger than ever and he is more determined than ever to set things right and win Eva back….If only things were that easy. You see, when Finn left Eva behind, he not only broke her heart, but broke her spirit. Eva’s life would continue to spiral out of control until one day she gets a much needed wake up call that sends her back home. She never dreamed that she would see Finn again. And now that she has, she doesn’t know what to do. Part of her wants to see where things can go, while the other part remembers the hurt and doesn’t want to take a chance. Will Finn and Eva be able to let go of the past and get that second chance they both deserve? You’re just going to have to read for yourself to find out……

What can I say about Heartbreaker? I. Loved. It. I loved it. I loved every single hearbreaking, swoon-worthy moment. Melody Grace has once again created book magic. She has given me a well-written and utterly consuming second chance romance. This is one of those reads that will just tug at your heart and it is one that will be impossible to put down. If you are a fan of Melody Grace’s stories, then you know that you’re going to get a swoon-worthy alpha male. You will be getting a consuming, heartfelt romance. The characters will be easy to relate to and the story will have just the right balance of angst and drama. And I have to tell you, Heartbreaker hits all those points and more. I don’t know what else to say other than I loved this story. Fans of Melody Grace, you are going to want to run out and grab your copy of Heartbreaker asap. It is one second chance romance that should not be missed.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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