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Release Blitz with Review: Rock The Boat by Gia Riley


RTB_FrontCoverRelease Date: February 24, 2016


Easton Beck’s known as the guy who ran. The guy who took his band out of the public eye to recover from the loss that shattered his world and his heart.

Lark Williams has officially sworn off all men. Despite her world falling apart six weeks ago, she agrees to participate in The Perfect Match Cruise. After all, who would turn down a Caribbean vacation?

But like love, The Perfect Match is unpredictable. Two hearts are on a collision course, only they couldn’t be more opposite if they tried.

One musician with a broken heart.
One gorgeous woman who stopped believing in love.

One week in paradise.

There’s only one rule on the ship – there are no rules.

Welcome aboard. Prepare to be ROCKED.


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My Review

“Mine. It’s been forever since I’ve been able to call anyone mine let alone have them own any part of me.”

“I’m scared.” I’m scared he’s going to walk out of this room and I’ll never see him again. Even worse, I’m afraid I’ll never feel this alive again. Because despite the anger, tears, and frustration, he gives me more than I ever thought I needed. He taught me I don’t always have to take care of myself on my own. That it’s ok to depend on a man for even my most basic needs–love and happiness.”

What an amazing, amazing story from Gia Riley!! As a fan of Gia Riley’s books, I couldn’t have been more excited to get my hands on Rock The Boat. Rock The Boat was so refreshing and so unlike anything I’ve read from Gia before.

Told from dual points of view, Rock The Boat follows the story of Easton and Lark. Lark thought she had found the perfect man. She was in love and the two of them were moving in together. So, imagine her surprise to find her boyfriend having sex with someone else. After this happens, Lark has decided to swear off men. All is fine and dandy until her best friend talks her into going on a match cruise. This cruise is supposed to match you with your true love. Lark doesn’t believe this, but can’t deny that she needs a vacation. What she didn’t plan on was Easton. Easton is her exact opposite in every way, but the connection between the two of them is undeniable and makes Lark want to take a chance….Easton doesn’t do love. He’s loved before and ended up with a broken heart. But, just being with Lark makes him feel alive. It makes him want things he hasn’t wanted before. Will Lark and Easton take a chance and go for more? Will they finally get the HEA they both deserve?

Rock The Boat was such a fun and refreshing read. It is such a departure from the books that I’ve normally read by this author and I loved every second of it. From the moment I picked up Rock The Boat, I was sucked in. My heart went out to Lark and everything that she went through. I found her so easy to relate to and hated the way her ex treated her. And Easton. I was intrigued by him from the very first meeting. He had ghosts and a past that haunted him, and I was dying to know what it was.

I loved the connection between Easton and Lark. It’s was instant, scorching and undeniable. I loved watching the two of them navigate their way through things and watching them overcome their pasts.

Rock The Boat is a wonderful story about hope, second chances and moving on from the past. This book is smart, sexy, well written and utterly captivating. The characters are fun and entertaining; totally easy to connect with and relate to. And I gotta tell you, there is this one scene that I know I will never forget. I have one word for you: Drumsticks—Yep, I will never look at those the same way again. This book really knocked my socks off and I gotta say, this is my favorite book by this author to date. Read it for yourself and you’ll see why.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


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About the Author

Gia Riley is a New Adult and Contemporary Romance author from the small but mighty state of Delaware. She’s a lover of all things romance – a firm believer that everyone deserves a happily ever after. She loves strawberry smoothies almost as much as she loves reality TV. When she’s not writing, you can find her roaming the aisles of Kirkland’s, up to her elbows in Play-doh, or trying to hunt down spoilers for Big Brother. Her newest addiction is a Starbucks iced mocha – they keep her up late, doing terrible things to her characters.

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