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Review: The One for Me (Danvers #8) by Sydney Landon


The New York Times bestselling author of Watch Over Me delivers a steamy new novel of irresistible attraction in her popular Danvers series. 

Mark DeSanto has never denied himself anything—especially in the bedroom. Rich, attractive, and successful, men envy him and women desire him. But when a sweet, guileless beauty faints at his feet, he suddenly finds himself wondering if it’s time to look for something more lasting….

Until her divorce, Crystal Webber never knew what it was like to follow her heart. Now she wants to experience all life has to offer. So when she catches a glimpse of Mark DeSanto in the halls of Danvers International, she’s instantly infatuated—and eager to join him for a walk on the wild side. Fainting at his feet wasn’t her plan, but at least it got his attention….

But for the first time, Mark wants to take things slow, which—considering the electricity between them—may take far more willpower than he’s ever had.

My Review

“Angel, I can’t be your white night, and baby, you deserve to have one. I’m not capable of giving you what you’re looking for.”

The One For Me is the eight book in the Danvers series, but can be totally read as a stand-alone. The One For Me was a quick and entertaining read. It is told from dual points of view and follows the story of Mark and Crystal. Mark is rich, handsome and used to getting what he wants. He loves his life and everything just seems to be going his way….Until one day, Crystal drops into his world. His first initial meeting of Crystal is certainly a memorable one, as she falls sick to her feet. But, from the moment he met her, Mark knew that Crystal was different. He tried to stay away. But, the harder he tried, the more impossible that task was….Crystal has never known what its like to be truly loved or to follow her own heart. Fresh from her divorce, all she wants is to experience what life has to offer. And she has her sights set on Mark. She is infatuated with him, but never once acted on how she felt for him….Until that fateful day when she gets sick in his arms. That day put Crystal on Mark’s radar. Crystal is now finding herself wanting things she never thought possible, and she wants to experience them all with Mark. Will Mark and Crystal give in to the feelings they have for each other??

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I will admit that this is my first book in The Danvers series and after finishing this one, I’m looking forward to reading the previous installments. The One For Me was a quick and easy read. It was entertaining and the characters were easy to connect with. I loved the push and pull with Crystal and Mark. The chemistry they shared was intense and undeniable. I loved watching Mark stray from his playboy ways and take a chance on a woman. I loved seeing him make mistakes and try to navigate his way through all of his confusing feelings. I thought that Crystal and Mark were a great match. They both challenged each other and you could tell that the feelings they had for one another were real and genuine. My only complaint and it’s a small one; was that there was a lot of references to how wild/kinky Mark was and how Crystal was too innocent for him. I would have liked to have seen the wild side that they were referring to. Yes, Mark was an alpha male and had some controlling moments, but I wanted to see the wild, kinky man everyone was talking about.

Other than that one small issue, I really enjoyed this book. It was a solid four for me. I thought this story-line was fun and had a nice mix of drama, angst, romance and sexy good times.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book via NetGalley and the publisher, in exchange for an honest review*

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