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Review: Dangerous Ties (Ties Series #1) by J.L. Beck

Dangerous Ties (A Ties Novel) by J.L. Beck

Genre: Dark Romance Release Date: Feb 1st 2016


Bestselling Author J.L. Beck brings you the next best thing in dark romance. Dangerous ties, a love story so raw and powerful it will set your lady-bits on fire.

“I was one of New York’s most dangerous criminals. She was the good girl from down the street. I should’ve know what fate had planned the moment her name showed up on my kill list.”

Reader Warning: Please be advised this is a dark romance. Some themes may cause triggers. 18+ Only.


He was bold, intoxicating, and held a darkness that pulled at my heart-strings.

I wanted him from the very first moment I saw him across the dance floor at the club.

She was quiet, but her eyes and body said everything her words couldn’t. I didn’t know who she was when I took her and made her my own.

We had already crossed a dangerous line—a line where there was no coming back. We were on the run. From whom, I didn’t know, but he told me it would all be okay, and he would do whatever he could to protect me from the people who were hunting us.

What I failed to see was how the monster had always been right within reach. Now that I was a part of his world, his life, and hopefully, his heart, could I survive the carnage that was about to take place?

The ties that bound us were also the ties that would end us.

I loved him, and now all that was left for me was death.




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My Review

“I had a vengeance–a thirsty need for blood that couldn’t be quenched no matter how many times I slaughtered those that took from me. Then things changed. I changed. Sometimes you were just the pawn in the middle of the biggest world you ever suspected.”

Dangerous Ties is a quick an easy read. It’s fast paced and full of action and suspense. It starts off with two people just wanting to spend the night together. One person with a dangerous life. The other running from the past. The two just seeking peace for one night. However, life had other plans. Grayson had no choice but to show Ellie just how ruthless and horrible he really was. Ellie is now forced to stay with a man she doesn’t know at all. She should be afraid, but she’s seen worse monsters from her own past. Grayson now finds himself struggling with making the right decision. He knows that he can’t keep Ellie, but boy that doesn’t stop him from trying. If the current situation wasn’t bad enough, well, it’s about to get worse. Someone from Ellie’s past is looking for her. The situation is now critical. And no one is prepared for the truth that is about to be revealed…..

Dangerous Ties might be a short read, but I gotta tell you, it really packs a punch. It’s dark. It has intense moments. It is sexy. There definitely is no shortage of action, suspense, danger and of course steamy moments. And if that wasn’t enough for you, this book is filled with lots of delicious twists that you won’t believe. I know, I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough to see how things would turn out. And just when you think your heart can’t possibly take anymore, you get thrown one more twist and a cliffhanger ending….and it is a good one!! I can’t wait to see what will happen next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

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