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Cover Reveal: Too Hot To Handle by Tessa Bailey


TooHotToHandle11_RGB300 (1)

When Rita Clarkson’s Suburban takes its last breath on a New Mexico roadside, rescue roars up on a Harley in the form of smooth-talking honkey tonk owner, Jasper Ellis, a man as mysterious as he is charming. Rita’s cross-country journey to New York City–with her three estranged siblings in tow–is only beginning, but now that Jasper has found Rita, his plans do not include her leaving.

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About Tessa Bailey:

10929005_328734870648822_8403984229136741124_nTessa Bailey is originally from Carlsbad, California. The day after high school graduation, she packed her yearbook, ripped jeans and laptop, driving cross-country to New York City in under four days.

Her most valuable life experiences were learned thereafter while waitressing at K-Dees, a Manhattan pub owned by her uncle. Inside those four walls, she met her husband, best friend and discovered the magic of classic rock, managing to put herself through Kingsborough Community College and the English program at Pace University at the same time. Several stunted attempts to enter the work force as a journalist followed, but romance writing continued to demand her attention.

She now lives in Long Island, New York with her husband of eight years and four-year-old daughter. Although she is severely sleep-deprived, she is incredibly happy to be living her dream of writing about people falling in love.

Cover Reveal: Beguiling by Alex Lucian

Hate: to dislike intensely or passionately; feel extreme aversion for or extreme hostility toward.
Scarlet Jennings, the preacher’s daughter who lived across the street, was a royal, uptight pain in my ass. When she looked at me, she saw a college quarterback asshole with rocks for brains, but she didn’t have a single word for what was happening between us.
When we were forced to ride together every single day that summer, there was definitely some dislike going on. Extreme hostility was a given, considering that we were spending so much time together in close quarters.  
One night of bed-breaking, body-shattering, lose-your-voice-from-screaming passion had surprised us both, but it was only just the beginning…
Beguiling Graphic 1
Alex Lucian is an author living on the eastern coast of the United States who appreciates being anonymous, for personal and professional reasons. Tempting is Alex’s first novel.
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Review: With Ties That Bind by Trisha Wolfe


This series is a spinoff of the Broken Bonds serial which must be read prior to beginning this first book. Contains spoilers to the Broken Bonds serial.

Detective Ethan Quinn has questions. The Arlington Slasher case is closed, the UNSUB no longer a threat—but Quinn can’t quiet the suspicion he harbors toward his partner and the young, attractive M.E. Not only does he loathe his uncertainty, he’s torn between doing his job and protecting his team.

But burying himself in cases no longer works. He’s restless. On edge. And tired of fighting his compulsions. Quinn has always viewed the law in black and white. Only now his world is swirling with a murky gray that threatens to devour him.

When lead medical examiner Avery Johnson careens toward a dangerous path, she pulls the unwitting detective into a dark web of deception and lust, triggered by a spree of recent killings.

Is this new player linked to the Bathory murders, or is it another copycat?

Time almost took Avery from him once before. As the clock ticks, Quinn will stop at nothing to protect her, refusing to let Avery become a victim again. Against his uncompromising logic, Quinn can’t deny his feelings. Avery forces him to acknowledge his darker desires, tempting his control—which weakens with every second he spends with the feisty M.E. as they hunt down the perpetrator threatening to tear them apart.

My Review

“Good and evil. Yin and Yang,” she says. “One doesn’t exist without the other. We have to fight our way through the darkness in order to save the things we love the most.”

“A man obsessed is a dangerous thing.”

Move over Sadie and Colton, there is a new couple in town!! As much as I loved the darkness and intrigue that surrounded Colton and Sadie, I have to say, I was super excited to get Quinn and Avery’s story. You see, I have been curious about these two for quite some time. There was always something about the two of them that just drew me in, and now their story is finally being told.

Told from dual points of view, With Ties That Bind picks up right where Broken Bonds #3 ended, but now it’s Quinn and Avery’s turn to tell their story. And boy what a way to start of their story. There is a new criminal in town and his actions will not only shock you, but they will leave your head spinning. Quinn has one agenda; one thing on his mind and that is to protect Avery. He wants to keep her safe, no matter the cost. But, of course you know that nothing can ever come easy and in With Ties That Bind, the stakes will be higher than ever and only time will tell if Quinn is able to keep his promise.

I have to say, I was really impressed with Quinn. I’ve been intrigued by him for a while and I really enjoyed getting to see this other side to him. I loved getting the chance to get inside his head. He’s got a lot of internal struggles going on and I really enjoyed experiencing those struggles first hand as he fought himself and his self imposed rules. And Avery, she has been through so much and the hits just keep coming for her. That being said, I really enjoyed seeing her new connection to Sadie. It gave me a lot of insight not only to their characters, but also brought some new insight into the events of Broken Bonds #3. And I have to say, I really liked the connection between Quinn and Avery. Their relationship started off with a real slow burn and slowly built into something scorching.

I think this series is off to a fantastic start. With Ties That Bind is dark and thrilling. It’s full of danger and surprising twists and turns. It is sexy and full of steam. Trisha Wolfe does not disappoint and really knows how to take her readers for a crazy ride. Her stories are filled with suspense and mystery, with twisted darkness thrown in for good measure. And With Ties That Bind is no exception. It definitely delivers and will leave on the edge of your seat, begging for more. I am really looking forward to seeing where this series will go and what dark and twisted journey Trisha Wolfe will take us on next.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Review: This Is War, Baby by K. Webster


My life had a plan. Until he invaded it and stole it all away. My captor took me and I became a pawn.

His strategy changed and he sent me away to WAR, because money is everything in this world.

In my WAR, though, I found peace.

I couldn’t help but find love where I least expected it, with a man who lived a battle every day of his life
…all inside his head.

But then my captor came back for me.
Yet, this time, battle lines had been drawn and I was protected.

So we thought.
Even though my WAR was raging,
my captor would fight to the death.

The good guys always win, right?
Not always.

All’s fair in love and WAR, right?
Not this time.

This is War, Baby is a dark romance. A really dark one. So dark you’re going to wish you had a flashlight to see yourself to the end and someone to hold your hand. Human trafficking, dubious consent, and strong sexual themes that could trigger emotional distress are found in this story. This story is NOT for everyone.

My Review

“She was meant to be mine. And she will be. The girl isn’t ready yet, but I will teach her. Drag her through hell and then hold her on the other side. Nurse her soul back to health and heal all the broken parts of her. I’ll be the sun and moon in her world. All thoughts will revert back to me. Always.”

“War was an ocean I’ll never be able to navigate. His head a sea of uncharted, choppy waves. I feel as though I’m an inexperienced swimmer in a sinking boat and he’s the treacherous, stormy dark waters threatening to pull me under into the darkness with him. Something tells me I’ll drown. That I’ll never understand what goes on inside his head. I’ll lose my mind trying to figure him out.”

Wow!! Just holy freakin’ wow!! K. Webster has managed to do it again! This is War, Baby is unlike anything I’ve read by her to date. I am blown away and a total loss for words right now over this dark and twisted book….

This is War, Baby comes with a warning. Yes, a warning. I have to tell you, I recommend reading that warning and heeding it. This story is raw and gritty and intense. It is not for the faint of heart. This book will take you out of your comfort zone and will shock the hell out of you. This is one of those books that will have you wondering what in the world you are reading. Some of the story may make you feel uncomfortable, but you won’t be able to look away. You will find that you can’t stop reading. You have to know what will happen next. You have to know how it will all play out.

Now, I am definitely not going to give anything away about this book. This is for sure one of those books that it’s best to go into blind. It is meant to be experienced. Here is all I am going to tell you: This book is DARK. And I mean DARK. There are some parts of this book that will definitely push your limits. And as a fan of dark reads, this one had me surprised. That being said, there is some light in this story. There are some moments that will give you hope, only to have the carpet ripped out from you again. This book has so many twists that in the end, you will be left with so many questions. I know I have a TON of them. I have soooooo many theories and ideas floating around in my mind and I am just dying for the answers. K. Webster has definitely shocked and blown me away with this one and I can’t wait to see where her twisted mind will take me next!

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*

Book Blitz: Waiting on Wesley by Dixie Rae

Title: Waiting on Wesley
Author: Dixie Rae
Release Date: Jan 6, 2016
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In the small town of Bailey, country music, motorcycles, and reckless teenagers are the norm. Fallon Davis and Wesley Jones are no exception. That is, until Wesley disappears from Fallon’s life when she needs him the most. 

After losing everything important in her life, Fallon replaces her love for Wesley with hatred. Fifteen years later, Fallon has quit waiting on Wesley. She is ready to focus on her life, career, and friends at Backwoods until the unthinkable happens. Wesley rides back into town, and he quickly realizes Fallon wants nothing to do with him, but will he take no for an answer?

Will Wesley be able to win over Fallon, or will the memories of their past be too much for their future to handle?

“What can I get y’all boys?” I ask sweetly, still avoiding his eyes. 
“We’ll take a round of SoCo for starters,” the chunky one states with a wink. 
“Five SoCos, comin’ right up,” I say as I go to grab the shot glasses. Then I hear his raspy voice, and my body betrays me. Stop it! Don’t do that! Everything within my body comes alive with the sound of his voice. 
“That’s four shots and a Coke,” Wesley states. I turn on my heels quickly.
“Coke? Are you sure?” I question, and he nods in agreement. “You want it in a shot glass, too?” I ask like the smart ass I’ve become over the years. 
With a husky laugh, he answers, “Whatever you want to do, Pumpkin.” I stiffen at the name, but don’t turn around. I haven’t been called that since the day he rode away. After gathering myself together, I pour him a shot of Coke into a glass. He smiles when I place it in front of him.
 “Come on, Pumpkin. Pour yourself one. I think me rollin’ back into town calls for a toast.” I roll my eyes, and then Paige hands me a shot glass of Coke. Raising my glass, I put one hand on my hip and wait for his toast. “Here’s to us, Pumpkin. Past, present, and future.” I clink my glass and when it touches my lips, I quickly realize it’s not Coke, but rather sweet cinnamon that burns the entire way down. I’m thankful to have Paige to count on when I need it most. Slamming down my shot glass when I finish, I turn and walk out of the bar and into the back room, holding myself together until I’m alone.
Dixie Rae is a small town girl living her dream as an author.  When she’s not writing, she indulges in guacamole, listening to Brantley Gilbert, and drinking a cold one.

Blog Tour with Review: One Day Soon by A. Meredith Walters

onedaysoonHe found me in blood and tears.
I stayed with him through darkness and fire.

We loved each other in the moment between innocence and bitter truth.
We were the kids easily ignored, who grew into adults we hardly knew.

We weren’t meant to last forever. And we didn’t.

He ran away.
I tried to move on.

Yet I never stopped thinking about the boy who had fought to keep me alive in a world that would have swallowed me whole. He was the past that I buried, but never forgot.

Until the day I found him again, years after believing I had lost him forever.

And in cold, resentful eyes, I saw the heart of the man who had been everything when I had nothing at all. So I vowed to hold onto the second chance that was stolen from the children we had been.

Sometimes fate is ugly. Life can be twisted.
And who we are can be ruined by who we once were.

For two people who had survived so much, we would have to learn how to hold on before we were forced to let go.


ODS-available now graphic 1

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My Review

“Life had taught me hard lessons. Don’t give away what you can’t afford to loose. A smile. A glance. Your tears. Your soul.”

“We had felt like a force of nature. Unstoppable. Destined. We thrived on the passion and confidence of youth that left no room for doubt. We loved each other. And in the ugly world we inhabited, it was a light we had clung to.”

“I had thought about him every day for the past fifteen years. Yoss had broken off a big part of me that day in the rain. He had been my moon. My stars. My everything when I had nothing at all.”

Every once and a while, a story comes along and just captures your heart. It’s different. It’s refreshing. It makes you question things and wonder what you would do if you were ever put in one of these situations. One Day Soon is that book for me. One Day Soon is dark, powerful, raw and gritty. This is not your typical hearts and flowers type of romance. The story of Yoss and Imi is not an easy one. Their story is gripping and completely memorizing. It will take you on a journey that you won’t expect. Your heart will ache. You will find yourself wondering what you would do if you were put in their situation. How far would you go to survive? What would you be willing to sacrifice in the name of love and safety?

I am not going to say much about this story because, I don’t want to spoil it for you. Yoss and Imi’s story is one that has just got to be experienced. I will tell you though, that this is not an easy story. It is not for everyone and the subject matter is pretty intense and eye opening. However, if you can keep and open mind, you will be treated to a really incredible story. One that I could not put down. One that I could not look away from. I had to know what happened to Yoss and Imi. I had to know how things would play out. This story took me on such an incredible journey. It made me smile and gave me hope. It frustrated and angered me. It brought tears to my eyes. It broke my heart countless times. It showed me just how real and powerful real love can be.

One Day Soon is incredibly well written. It is a unique and refreshing tale. It is a story of lost innocence and second chances- not just in life, but in love as well. It is a story of hope for a better life and the sacrifices that we make along the way. The characters are real and complex. You can’t help but get consumed in their story and pray that they get a HEA. This story was not at all what I was expecting. It was so much more. This is one of those stories that is impossible to not become a part of you. Yes, this is one of those stories that I know will be staying with me long after The End.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review*


Yossarian Frazier wasn’t an overly complicated person. He was smart. He was thoughtful. He was generous and kind. He was loyal to a fault.

And he was someone who had been forced to make choices that would shatter most people. I could see the fragments being chipped away little by little as he struggled to hold on.

Yet he still sat beside me, with concern on his face, wanting to know if was all right. When it was obvious he wasn’t.

So I wouldn’t add my baggage to his overburdened shoulders. I couldn’t do that to him.

“I’m fine. Just wanted some alone time. It was getting a little loud over there,” I said with as sincere a smile as I could muster.

Yoss glanced over my shoulder towards where his friends were hanging out and nodded. “I get that.”

We both stared up into the sky—red, orange, purple, vibrant, violent colors.

“Did you ever read fairytales as a kid?” I asked him suddenly.

Yoss frowned and gave me an amused smile. His too red lips stretching uncomfortably. “Yeah, I guess so. Why?”

I shrugged. “I always liked the idea of a happily ever after. That no matter what horrible things happened to people, everything ended up exactly how it should. With the perfect kiss. The fancy wedding. The evil stepsisters being forced to work as maids in the castle.” I laughed self-consciously. “I think maybe now more than any other time in my life, I could use a fairytale ending.”

I startled at the feel of Yoss’s hand on mine. He carefully, so gently, laced our fingers together.

Palm to palm.

“Tell me a story then, Imi. I want to hear a happy ending.”

A happy ending.

What did one of those even look like?

I continued to stare into the sky and I felt something inside of me shift.

With Yoss’s hand in mine I knew something with a certainty that came with being young and crazy about a boy who was crazy about me.

My happy ending was Yoss.

Yoss’s happy ending was me.

So I gave him the story I wished we had. The one that was full of fantasy. Improbable. Unrealistic. But there was truth in it as well.

The best kind.

“Once upon a time there was a girl from a happy family. She was loved and adored and never wanted for anything. She spent her days surrounded by friends and family. She smiled all the time, never having a reason to cry.” Yoss squeezed my hand and I took a deep breath.

“One day she met a boy who was just as happy. And together they realized how wonderful life could be. He wanted to take care of her. She wanted to stay by his side.” Yoss rested his chin on top of my head, and I leaned into him.

So close.

The closest yet.

“The girl had never been to the beach.”

“Neither had the boy,” Yoss added in a whisper, his lips moving against my hair.

“They decided to run away to the shore. Where they could dip their toes in the water and walk on the sand. Because everything was always better when they were together.”

“Did they live happily ever after? On the beach? Always together?” Yoss asked, his voice breaking.

I couldn’t look up at him because I knew what I’d see.

And I wasn’t prepared to see his doubt.

“Of course they did. Always together,” I murmured, shivering as the sun disappeared.

Yoss ran his thumb along the inside of my wrist. Slowly. Carefully. “We’ll walk on the beach, Imi, and we’ll dance on the sand. Because one day soon, I promise you that all this ugly will become something beautiful.” Did he believe that? How could he given where he spent his day? Where he sometimes spent his nights? How could he afford to dream the impossible?

But I wanted to dream with him.

I had to.

“I know, Yoss. One day soon,” I agreed.

We stayed like that for a long time, neither of us moving. I wasn’t sure if it was out of fear. Or out of contentment.

Whatever it was, it kept us still.

Lost in dreams neither of us really believed would ever come true.

ODS teaser #2

About The Author:


The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and Paranormal romance including The Find You in the Dark and Bad Rep series as well as the upcoming stand alone romance, Reclaiming the Sand, and a dark new adult series for Gallery Books.

A. Meredith spent ten years as a counselor for at risk teens and children. First working at a Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault program and then later a program for children with severe emotional and mental health issues. Her former clients and their stories continue to influence every aspect of her writing.

When not writing (or being tortured with all manner of beauty products at the hand of her very imaginative and extremely girly daughter), she is eating chocolate, watching reality television that could rot your brain and reading a smutty novel or two.

A. Meredith is represented by Michelle Johnson with the Inklings Literary Agency.






Cover Reveal: An Unforgivable Love Story by B.L. Berry

AnUnforgivableStoryEbook (1)

Cover Design: Najla Qamber


Love is patient
Love is kind.

She wanted to forget her past.
He wanted to change the course of his future.
She was everything he never knew he needed.
He became her unexpected.
Everything was perfect.
Until …



One of Five ARC’s for An Unforgivable Love Story

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About the Author

BL Berry grew up telling lies. Eventually, those lies turned into elaborate stories and when she grew older she started writing them down. When she’s not hiding behind her computer writing, you can find her spending time with her family or catching up on her favorite TV shows. Rumor has it she’ll sleep when she’s dead.

Residing outside of Kansas City, she lives with her husband, two children and black pug. Each day her family thanks the makers of e-Readers, because without which they would be living amongst stacks and stacks of romance novels. Conversely, each day B.L. Berry thanks the makers of e-Readers for hiding her book-hoarding tendencies.

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