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Review: Healing (Finding Home #1) by Rachel Caid

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After a devastating loss, Anna Johnston has finally gotten the pieces of her life to fit back together and has created a comfortable pattern for her and her son, Roman. Trying to protect both of their hearts, Anna has given up on dating accepting that she will never completely heal from losing Roman’s father.

Noah Evans just got out of a relationship based on lies and isn’t looking for anything permanent. New to town, he and his friend and business partner are focused on finishing their new remodel and making money. One boys’ night out introduces him to Anna and all of that changes. Noah wants something real; a place to call home.
He might be pushy, but Noah is determined to get what he wants. Just as Anna and Noah start to come together, someone from the past comes back to cause trouble.

Can Noah convince Anna to take a chance on him and break free from the pain of her memories? Will Anna look past what she cannot change to see a future that includes Noah?

due to explicit sex scene, 18+ please


My Review

“In that instant I saw the life I wanted. I wanted to be their protector, their refuge from the pain and disappointment.”

Healing follows the story of Anna and Noah. After loosing her son’s father, Anna has just been trying to pick up the pieces of her life. She has such a busy and full life, that she doesn’t have time for much else. Her family is desperately wanting Anna to meet someone and take a chance on love again. For Anna, love just isn’t a priority right now….Noah isn’t looking for love. He just got out of a terrible relationship. He’s new in town and is making his career his focus. Until one night, Noah’s friend Craig, convinces Noah to go out for a guys night. This is the night he meets Anna. Meeting Anna changes everything. Noah suddenly can’t get Anna out of his head. The only problem is, he’s got to convince Anna to take a chance. Will Noah be able to convince Anna that he is someone worth taking a risk on? Will both Anna and Noah be able to let go of their pasts?

I thought Healing was a terrific book. I really enjoyed Anna and Noah’s story. I thought that it was really sweet and light on the drama. I fell in love with the characters almost instantly. They just possessed a quality that pulled me in. I even enjoyed the secondary characters. Christine and Craig were great additions to the story. Christine is Anna’s sister. Not only was she supportive of Anna, but she also gave Anna that push that she desperately needed. The other thing that I liked about Christine was that she had an air of mystery about her. She’s hiding something and I really can’t wait to find out what her secret is. And Craig, well from what I gathered, he’s been done wrong in the past. He seems like a really great friend to Noah. And when he’s not fighting with Christine, the two of them share some excellent chemistry. The two of them are definitely hiding something, and I hope that we’ll hear more from them in the future.

I just adored Anna and Noah. Anna is a single mom, just trying to best for her son. She’s so used to doing everything on her own and hates asking anyone for help. I love how she makes her son her #1 priority. I loved seeing Anna and Noah together. The two of them shared an instant connection. This is a case of insta-love that I felt really worked. Their chemistry was palpable and I loved the ease the two of them had together. Noah really took me by surprise. I wasn’t really expecting him to be an alpha male, so when I saw him start with the alpha tendencies, I was hooked even more.

My only complaint and it is such a small one, is that I would have liked to see Noah’s ex get a little of what was coming to her. She made a big stink and tried to ruin things between Noah and Anna. And then just sort of disappeared. I just would have liked to have seen a confrontation between her and Noah, and her seeing that her antics were not going to work.

Overall, I really enjoyed Healing. It is the debut novel of author Rachel Caid. I think this series is off to really good start. It has a nice mix of angst and romance. The story is sweet, with some drama, but not too much. I think this author has a lot of really great potential and I’m looking forward to reading more from her in the future.

*I was provided an ARC copy of this book, via the author, in exchange for an honest review.*


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