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Reviews: You Loved Me At My Darkest & You Loved Me At My Weakest by Evie Harper

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youlovedmeatmydarkestBlood is thicker than water…

Having endured more than their share of tragedy, sisters Lily and Sasha embark on a dream holiday—only to find themselves in hell. Kidnapped by a rich madman, Sasha is sold into slavery, while Lily is forced to join The Collection, a unique bevy of exotic beauties enduring frequent horrors at the hands of elite bidders. However, no amount of pain and suffering will break Lily, who will stop at nothing to save her younger sister. Possibly with help from an unlikely ally.

Love is stronger than loyalty…

Attempting to prove his allegiance to his employer, Jake is tasked with guarding the unruly and uncontrollable Lily. He can’t afford to help her in her quest to free Sasha—not if he hopes to fulfill his own agenda. But in their dark, gritty, tension-filled world, solace is taken wherever it’s found. Bonds are formed and hearts engage despite Jake’s resistance and both their attempts at self-preservation.

When certain secrets come to light, the resulting explosion has breathtakingly bittersweet consequences that, by the end, may not leave everyone whole…or alive.

My Review

Wow! I don’t even know what to say. This book has been on my tbr for a while and I’m so glad that I finally read it. When I first picked up this book, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. When I read the prologue, I was blown away. My heart was broken. I had to read more. I was immediately gripped by Sasha and Lily’s story. A trip to the states forever changed their lives. The two women will find themselves in hell, in a life they didn’t know existed. No one should have to ever endure what these two women had to.

You Loved Me At My Darkest is not an easy read. It’s intense and deals with some very difficult subject matter. As intense as it was, I found myself unable to put this book down. I had to know how it would all turn out. I had to know if the sacrifices that were made, would pay off in the end.

You Loved Me At My Darkest is dark, intense and captivating. It is a story about the strength of a sisters bond. It is a story of finding love in the most unexpected places. You will be taken on such an incredible journey. You’re emotions will be all over the place. As the story unravels there are so many secrets, so many twists and turns.This book will have you on the edge of your seat. You will find yourself wondering who can can trusted? Who is on your side?

* I was provided an ARC copy of this book via Enticing Journey Book Promotions, in exchange for an honest review*


A woman forever scarred…

Emily was a captive in The Collection for five long years, enduring torment and anguish the likes of which no soul should have to bear. Now rescued, she’s struggling to put the past behind her, to assimilate in a world where most will never know the evil often lingering beneath the superficial façade. Worse, she burns to avenge herself against the man who subjugated her again and again during her confinement—a man bent on getting her back.

A man forever devoted…

Kayne has wanted Emily for what seems a lifetime. Before they were ripped apart, theirs was an epic love, one Kayne knows is worth saving, rebuilding. Alongside her brother, Kayne searched for Emmy for years, and no amount of insistence on her part will push him away now that he’s found her. Tender patience will help her heal—if her vendetta doesn’t get her killed first.

Satisfaction reaped from revenge is fleeting, but personal demons linger. Will Emily fight them? Or allow her flaws to overshadow her strengths, denying herself that which Kayne desperately wants to give?

My Review

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and Romeo,” Kanye softly whispers before he gently kisses my closed lips. “That’s us, baby, but we win. We turn our nightmares into a beautiful dream.”

You Loved Me At My Weakest was an amazing follow up to You Loved Me At My Darkest. You Loved Me At My Weakest is Emily and Kayne’s story. Their story is a difficult one, but it is incredibly beautiful. Kayne has been lost since Emily disappeared 5 years ago. Not a day went by without him searching for her. When Kayne found Emily, he thought all of his prayers had been answered. What he didn’t know was that the battle was yet to come. Emily’s life has been forever changed. She has experienced things in the five years that she was gone, that no one should have to. She prayed everyday for Kayne to come and save her, and now that he has, she doesn’t know how to move forward.  She is a shell of the woman she used to be. She feels ugly, used, worthless. She wants to protect Kayne from the monster that lives inside of her. Will Emily be able to overcome the things that haunt her? Will Kayne and Emily be able to move forward and get back what they once had?

You Loved Me At My Weakest is intense, frustrating and full of hope. It is a story about finding yourself, moving forward, letting go of the past and letting love in. This story is not easy and at times is frustrating. My heart went out to Emily and everything that she had to endure. I loved Kayne’s love, strength and determination. He never wavered, no matter how many times that Emily tried to push him away.

This story and the characters were so easy to get lost in. Kayne and Emily’s journey was so powerful, so amazing. It has left me an emotional mess. Their story is full of hope. It shows the true strength and power of love. I loved the message behind the story. It’s one that I know will stay with me, and that is: Never give up. Even when times feel dark, and you feel lost. There is always hope. There is always someone willing to pull you to the light….

* I was provided an ARC copy of this book via Enticing Journey Book Promotions, in exchange for an honest review*

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