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Review: Truth In Watercolors (Truth #2) by Kimberly Rose

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Truth, I hide.

Truth, you seek.

Truth, I confess.

Truth, you leave.

She never meant to let anyone in, least of all him. Now that she has, she is forever changed. Capri sees her life one way. Dull. She’s learned to dim and fade into the world around her. Until the day she agreed to more time with him.

Shrouding himself in a carefully constructed shield of humor and vibrant charm, Wes has effectively kept everyone out for most of his life. He’s successfully hidden the truth about who he really is, but then she agreed to more time with him.

Lines become crossed and reconstructed. Secrets are revealed, and infatuation is born. Will their connection be enough to paint themselves new, or will the truths of their lives be too stained to overcome.

My Review

“Life was a spectrum, and we swirled somewhere amidst its colors. We flowed, and we tumbled. We connected, and we drifted apart. We diluted, and we saturated. The only thing that was certain was we didn’t know where tomorrow would take us, regardless of what we had planned. The only thing that was promised was that we wouldn’t regret a moment of it if we lived it passionately.” 

This book…! I am kind of blown away right now. There is really nothing better than when you read a book by an author that is new to you and they just knock your socks off.

Truth In Watercolors was such an amazing read for me. It was beautifully written and heartwarming. I devoured each word and every moment. I didn’t want to put this book down. This book was exactly the kind of read I was looking for. It made me laugh, swoon, and put tears in my eyes. It frustrated me and made me fall in love. The emotions and the connection between Wes and Capri…so real, so palpable. I loved the push and pull. The angst. The anticipation of will they finally get together…Ugh! I just loved it.

Capri. I loved her character so much. She was strong, funny, and sassy. She saw things in life differently from others and I admired her outlook. She was a great friend and never backed down from a challenge, especially from Wes. She didn’t have the best luck in the love department, but I think that she was always holding out. Waiting for Wes, whether she was aware of that or not.

Wes…. Oh, Wes. What can I say about him? First off, he is an amazing friend. Always wanting to stand up for Capri and protect her. He’s a ladies man, but there is so much more to Wes than what everyone gets to see. There’s a sweeter, kinder side to him. He’s had a hard life, bounced around from different foster homes. Never having anyone stick around for the long haul. Always feeling like he wasn’t good enough and didn’t deserve to be loved. I just wanted to hug him and tell him that he was enough and he does deserve to be happy and loved.

I am a big fan of friends to lovers romances and an even bigger fan of characters that are broken or that have real struggles. I was completely captivated by Wes and Capri’s story. I felt a real connection to the two of them, to their journey to HEA. This is definitely one of those books that I can see staying with me for a long time. The writing is beautiful and the story-line captivating. I can not wait to read more from Kimberly Rose in the future!

* I received an ARC copy of this book via the author, in exchange for an honest review*

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