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Review: The Emperor by Karen Amanda Hooper

My Review

Mind Blown! That’s how I’m feeling right now! I am confused, lost and don’t have a clue what is going on……And I’m loving every second of it. Just when I think I have a hold on what’s happening, I’m thrown a curve ball that just wipes away everything that I was thinking. 

The Emperor picks up right where the last book left off. Kelsey has been busted by her father for sneaking out and will now have to face the consequences of her actions. As she is apprehended, the lines of real and VR are once again blurred. Things start happening to Kelsey that makes her question her sanity. There are gaps in her memory and she needs more answers. I NEED answers.

With each installment, I am finding myself getting more and more lost in the world of Arcana. I need answers. I am just as desperate as Kelsey to find out the truth! Nothing is as it seems. My mind is a mess trying to solve this riddle! I can not wait for the next installment and see where Karen Amanda Hooper will take us next!

*I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

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