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Loves & Loathes – 8th February

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Love, Love. Love

1. Charm and I had the most perfect day on Saturday. We ditched our husbands and kids and headed to the beach for paddle boarding, eating and relaxing. We had almost the whole beach to ourselves and it was the perfect day of relaxation! – K (It really was the best day EVER -C)

2. Charmaine sent me this early today and it’s CRACKING me up. So spot on. Has anyone else noticed this???  (Haha some of those GIFs! -C)

3. LSA peanut butter… Linseeds, sunflower seeds, almonds and peanuts all blended together to make my new favourite food! Seriously, I’m eating it by the spoon! – C

4. My husband and I are off on a big trip to the U.S later this year and I. AM. EXCITED. I’m most excited about seeing NYC, despite the giant roaches I saw on TripAdvisor. OMG. – K

5. I got the best package in the mail on Saturday from the amazing Kristal and Charmaine! I spend all day Saturday making my family try all the New Zealand goodies! -A


1. Being unfriended on Facebook by someone you see (used to see?) regularly. The 21st century is a dangerous and exciting time 😉 – K (HUMPH! – C) (What??-A)

2. I just got my books that I ordered for ABF and one of them was all bent!! Come on! If I order a book brand new, I expect it to be in perfect condition! I’m the only one that should be damaging them….SIGH!-A

3. Waiting for the mailman to be kind to me… I am SO impatient! – C

4. I’ve hit a reviewing brick wall. I know what I want to say… it’s just not translating into written words. SIGH – C

5. I’m still hating moving…. Just saying! – C


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