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Loves & Loathes 1st February

Love, love, loves

1. Yay! Our first L&L list of 2015!

2. I just ordered all the books I’m taking with me to Austin Book Fest!! It’s February, so my countdown to ABF has officially begun!!- A

3. Kristal and I are reading The Bronze Horseman at the moment and LOVING it.

I’m only 25%-ish in so far but already I can tell that this book is going to turn me inside up and upside down – C

4. In keeping with my New Year’s Resolution, I’m starting a new work out routine next week. I’m super excited to start working out and to be a healthier version of me!- A

5. We are having a GORGEOUS summer here in New Zealand! Loving the fun filled weekends and evenings. – K



1. I have started back at work after three years at home with my youngest kiddos and I. AM. LOVING it. However, it’s really cutting into my reading and blogging time. Hopefully I’ll be able to find balance soon (maybe when summer is over and there isn’t so much to do!). – K

2. Packing up houses. Sigh, my family and I have to become wandering gypsies for a good part of this year and I had forgotten the horror of trying to pack every  part of your life into cardboard boxes! We’ve only just started and I’m already over it – C

3. This cold season has been very rough for me and my family. We are all finally on the mend! Fingers crossed that this is it for us cold wise! -A

4. Idiots on the road. It’s summer, people all around New Zealand are hauling ass to the nearest beach towns but CHRIST ON A BIKE, what’s the hurry??!?!?! The things I have seen on the roads over this holidays period leave me with no doubt as to why our road toll is so high at the moment. Chill out guys guys and slow the hell down. – K

5. I have not had nearly enough reading and blogging time so far this year! Now that Kindy is back in full swing and the holidays are just a distant memory I’m hoping that this will change! – C


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