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Review: All of Me by Lisa Renee Jones

In the sizzling conclusion to Lisa Renee Jones’s bestselling Inside Out series, Chris and Sara finally embark on the road to marriage—but will the threats from their pasts steal their joy?

Sara and Chris have fled to Paris to escape the aggressive reporters covering the explosive scandal of Rebecca’s death. But a long-time heartache from Chris’s past awaits him there, and he finally allows Sara in fully as he shares his grief with her. Seeking peace, they spend some time at his chateau in the countryside, planning their Valentine’s Day wedding, then return to Paris for a magical Christmas. And when they go back home to San Francisco for Rebceca’s memorial service, other broken connections are made whole again. Healing is finally within reach…until a surprise visitor right before the wedding throws Sara into turmoil. Will they ever be totally free of their pasts?

My Review

All of Me is was a quick and sexy read for me. The perfect ending to Chris and Sara’s story. After everything the two of them have gone through, they are finally at the perfect place, in-sync with one another. I’m going to just keep this review short and sweet and say that this was a great ending to their story and this series. All of the loose ends were tied up, we got to see a little more of Mark and Crystal and got the ending that these characters deserved. This series as a whole has been one fantastic journey. I fell for the characters more and more with each book that came out and just hoped that it would all work out in the end. I’m so sad to see that their story has come to end, but couldn’t be happier with the end result. Fans of this series will not be disappointed.

* I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

*Teaser Credit: Via Author’s FB Page

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