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Book Review – Chasing the Tide by A. Meredith Walters

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“We spoke more in silence.

It’s where we communicated best.”

Reclaiming the Sand is a firm favourite of mine, so I have been looking forward to continuing Ellie and Flynn’s story. I loved revisiting these characters and seeing them develop further as a couple. Like Reclaiming the Sand, Chasing the Tide is a beautifully emotional story written by a truly talented author. 

The conclusion of Ellie and Flynns story was focused a lot more on Ellie this time around. We get to see her work through her issues and overcome them to become the person she wants to be. It was not without it’s challenges and struggles, and a lot of the story happened inside Ellie’s head as she worked through her thoughts and feelings. It was almost stifling at times and I would have loved to see a little more dialogue between Ellie and Flynn but I can see why this was a necessary direction that the story needed to take and one of my favourite parts of this book was seeing Ellie grow up and become and a happy, well- rounded person. I felt like she was misunderstood in the first book. Of course her behavior was vile, without a doubt, but she really was just a sad child with her own set of problems. To me, she was still 100% redeemable. Let’s be honest – we have forgiven literary heroes far quicker for much worse behavior. Flynn’s own behavior was not the ‘norm’ but was (correctly) never held against him and I never felt like Ellie’s shouldn’t be either. Both Flynn and Ellie tried hard to better themselves and evolve as a couple and that’s extremely admirable in any relationship.

Reclaiming the Sand will always be my first love because its where I met and first fell in love with Ellie and Flynn but Chasing the Tide is a fantastic follow-up to their story and I adored every moment I got to spend with them. 

“He was banana bread and holdings hands. He was soft smiles and warm touches. He was whispered words and solemn declarations.

He was love.

He was home.

He was forever.”


*ARC generously provided in exchange for review – Thank you!

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