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Loves & Loathes – 14 December

Love love love…

1. I had my laser eye surgery as planned this week and already I feel like a whole new person who can SEE! I’m easing myself back into reading marathons but I’m betting it wont be long until I’m back to normal! Yay! – C

2. I can finally share with everyone that I’m going to Austin Book Fest in March!!! I am so excited!!!- A

3. The first full Insurgent trailer released on Friday!! I know I was a little skeptical about this movie when the first teaser trailer was released, but my faith has been restored! The trailer looks amazing and I’m super excited to watch the movie! March is shaping up to be a good month for me!– A

4. Australia went through something pretty horrendous yesterday – a hostage situation that resulted in loss of life in Sydney. But out of the tragedy and horror something amazing occured; #illridewithyou. ‘#illridewithyou’, is a Twitter hashtag created yesterday after a Sydney women, Rachael Jacobs, posted on on Facebook about an encounter that she has with a Muslim woman earlier that day. The story goes that the Muslim woman was on a train and started to remove her hijab because she was afraid of the backlash that would be headed her way after the events in Sydney. Rachael Jacobs saw this and told the women to put her hijab back on and that she would walk with her. This action sparked the #illridewithyou hashtag, which has now gone viral all over the world with hundreds of thousands of people spreading messages of love and solidarity. What a powerful way to deal with hate and racism. I love it and I am so incredibly proud of our Australian neighbours right now. – K

5. We have had the BEST time with our week of Christmas giveaways! We love you guys for joining in and helping us spread the Christmas cheer!


1. I’ve left my Christmas shopping til the last minute. Oops. – K

2. I tried listening to an audio book for the first time thanks to my eyes being out of action and WHY do I keep falling asleep?! I’m pretty sure that’s not a normal reaction to listening to a book?! – C

3.  We had my hubby’s Christmas party last night and it was at a dinner theater, kids were welcome (no sitter). Even though kids were welcome, it wasn’t really a kid friendly atmosphere. The area we were seated at was super cramped, the kids were restless and the food was sub-par.  We lasted an hour and a half. – A

4. It’s so busy at the moment! I love all things Christmas but the mad rush of everything in the two weeks leading up to it can be so stressful and overwhelming! Argh! – C

5. Racists, bigots, homophobes. Don’t spread your dangerous and disturbing opinions anywhere near me or my Facebook news feed. I’ll unfriend your ass so fast. In real life AND on Facebook. – K

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