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Here we are people! A full list of all of our lucky winners! Keep tuned for more of our blog giveaways in the new year!


DAY ONE – Reine Williams

  • Pineapple Lumps & Tim Tams (New Zealand goodies!)


DAY TWO – Lori Christensen

  • Havoc E-book by Autumn Grey


DAY THREE – Lupita Saavedra

  • The Chronicles of Izzy series by Michelle Graves (E-books)


DAY FOUR – Christina Lynne

  • Puddle Jumping (Paperback) by Amber L. Johnson


DAY FIVE – Keyshla Yari Carrrasquillo

  • Ten Below Zero by Whitney Barbetti & Where We Belong by K. L. Grayson (E-books)


DAY SIX – Cheryl Hickford

  • Neanderthal Seeks Human & Neanderthal Marries Human from the Knitting in the City Series E-books by Penny Reid


DAY SEVEN – Banda Patty

  • The Out of Line Boxed Set (E-Books) by Jen McLaughlin & $10 Amazon Voucher
  • An Imaginary House by the Sea E-book by Cecily Gates & your choice of E-book up to the value of $10
  • The Law of Moses E-book by Amy Harmon

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