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Loves & Loathes – December 7th

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Love Love Love

1. We are having an EPIC Christmas giveaway!! There are so many awesome prizes for you guys! We will be giving prizes away every day for a week. It’s going to be stupendous. Keep an eye on the blog! 

2. It’s my eye surgery week! And NO I’m not excited about lasers hacking up my eyeballs BUT I am excited about being able to be glasses and contact lens free! Wish me luck! – C

3. Two things – It’s so summery here at the moment! LOVE. IT! Also, if we don’t count Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday (no one counts the first days in the week anyway) then it’s only TWO MORE WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! Wooo! – K

4. Well, since we’re talking about Christmas……….After a late start to my Christmas shopping, I’m almost finished!!! And….we’re going to buy our Christmas tree tonight!! Yay! I love having a real Christmas tree!!! -A 

5. I am also on a Christmas buzz. We’ve bought a new tree decoration, hung up a gazillion lights, visited Santa, I play the TV music channel that has Christmas songs all day long (which the kids and I sing along to.) Pretty much it’s Christmas galore at my house, possibly because this is the first year my big boy has understood what it really means. Next up on my festive list is shopping and gingerbread house creating! – C


1. I loathe that I’ve been so busy with end of year business I haven’t had nearly enough reading or blogging time. Argh!!! – C

2. My twins turned three this past weekend. I don’t loathe this – I love it. Babies are beautiful but I prefer older kids.. Aaaaanyway, after three ‘sometimes awesome and sometimes completely hideous’ years at home with them, I’m headed back to work! But don’t worry (hahaha) – I’m still going to be blogging! – K

3. I loathe that my buddy will no longer be at home when I have a life crisis and need to come a die on her couch…Although I’m guessing I can just go and die on her office floor… So maybe I loathe the fact that now if I need to address a life crisis during business hours I’m going to have to pay for inner city parking! – C (LOL! omfg. There is free parking right outside the office 😉 And GREAT places to have lunch that are just a short walk away. Priorities. -K)

4. So, as you guys know, I’ve been sick for what feels like the last month 😦 Well, last week, I actually cracked a rib coughing. Yes, you heard correct! Coughing! I am beyond over this cold season!!!- A

5. I have the dinosaur of iphones. I’m pretty sure that my phone is how Fred and Barney kept in touch. It’s a 4S, which is practically ancient these days, but I absolutely refuse to upgrade because my 4S is still working (for now) and iPhones are just ridiculously expensive for a phone. But lately (sincI did the stupid Apple update actually…conspiracy?), bad things have been happening and I fear my phone is on its way out. If this happens, I’m going back to an old-school brick phone. It will save me so much money! It’s a GREAT idea!! (Reality check: this will probably last for about 2.5 days before I’m running into Vodafone begging for a new iPhone. FML.) – K

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