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Loves & Loathes – November 30th

Love Love Loves…

1. The Law of Moses by Amy Harmon. I sobbed my way through the last 50% of this book but it was so BEAUTIFUL, all the way through. – K

2. After almost a month of being sick, I’m finally starting to feel better!!! Yay!!- A

3. I went to Chelsea Handler’s tour night on Saturday. I haven’t laughed so much in a long while. Although a lot of my laughter was reserved for NZ’s very own Urzila Carlson who opened the show. So funny! – C

4. Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals! I may have one-clicked one too many books these past few days, but it’s hard to say no to amazing deals! – A

5. We are bringing you guys a super exciting, fabulous, STUPENDOUS Christmas Giveaway! Expect many prizes… And a ton of fun! And LOTS of Christmas cheer!


1. Oh for god sakes, I am absolutely ridiculous. Charm reminded me about the L & Ls list and I forgot…three times. So that’s why it’s so late this week! It’s totally my fault. What the hell is wrong with my brain. – K

2. Christmas postage costs and cut offs! I am ALWAYS unorganized and this year is no different and now I’m paying for it. SIGH. – C

3. We are officially less than a month away from Christmas and I’ve barley gotten started with my shopping!!!! I need to stop procrastinating!- A

4. I left a favourite shoe (yes just one shoe) behind in my hotel room on the weekend. Do you think they can be bothered even looking for it! GRRRR! Bad service! When you mess with my shoes it becomes personal! – C

5. Daycare costs. I’m heading back to work in mid January after having the last three years off with my kiddos. I’m so excited about this but OMG the costs involved in them going to kindergarten for just three short days are astronomical. How the hell do people afford this?! In New Zealand we are supposed to get 20 free hours of childcare when our children turn three years old but this has somehow morphed into a ‘subsidy’ though instead of being free. And we still end up paying a fortune. FML. – K 

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