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Book Review: I Belong To You by Lisa Renee Jones


Being that person, that man is how I define myself, how I allow the rest of the world to define me as well. And now, with a terrible loss shredding me inside out and someone trying to destroy my family to punish me, control is more important than ever. It is everything. It is what I need. It is all I need. Or maybe I just need…her.

My Review

If you’ve been following this series since the beginning like me, this is the book that you have been most anticipating! Throughout the entire Inside Out Series, we’ve gotten a little taste of who Mark is. Finally, we get a whole book from his pov and hopefully answers to all of our questions.

I Belong to You picks up right where My Control ends. Mark is on his way to New York to be with his mother as she fights her battle with cancer. As if that wasn’t enough, Ava is still on the loose, he has to deal with closing Allure and make sure his scandal doesn’t cause anymore trouble….. But there is another pressing reason that brings him to New York. One that Mark can’t ignore and that is Crystal Smith. Crystal Smith is everything that Mark never knew he wanted. She is unlike any woman that he’s ever met and he finds himself constantly throwing out his own rules for her. There’s just something about her that he just can’t fight. She sees Mark for who he truly is, the man, not The Master. Mark is fighting an internal battle with himself to not only protect Crystal and his family, but to have something he desperately needs, control………

I have to say, I was super excited that Mark and Crystal were getting their own book. I loved getting inside Mark’s head, understanding his need for vengeance and the guilt that has plagued him for years. We finally get to see The Man behind the constant facade. And then there’s Crystal. I’ve been fascinated by her character for a while now. She is stubborn, passionate and needs to have her own control of things. Definitely an interesting match for Mark. I loved watching the two of them butt heads and try to fight their desire for each other. Their chemistry is undeniable and completely off the charts. They are truly the perfect match.

As the series is coming closer to an end, we are finally getting some answers to questions that I’ve had since the series began. Do I still have some questions? Yes, I do. I know that there is some issues that are still unresolved, but I have hope that those questions will be answered very soon. 

I have really enjoyed the mystery and intrigue that surrounds this story. There certainly was never a dull moment and I’m always wondering what will happen next. This has been one exciting journey and I can’t wait to see where Lisa Renee Jones will take us next!


*I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

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